How to look after your skin while flying this summer

How to look after your skin while flying this summer

Where are you jetting off to this summer? Maybe you're off to a far-off paradise like the Caribbean, Mexico or Cuba, and you've got a long-haul flight in-store. Or perhaps you're staying a little closer to home, flying just a few hours to the gorgeous Greek islands or for a European city break.

Regardless of how long your flight is, the high-pressure air conditioning on planes can be pretty harsh to your skin, drying it out and leaving it feeling in desperate need of extra moisture. If you're a contact lens wearer, this is why you're advised to wear your glasses while flying - plane conditions can be very dehydrating.

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But with a little forward planning, you can make sure you're looking and feeling fresh when you finally land:

Tips for staying hydrated while flying

The obvious step to keep yourself and your skin hydrated during a long flight is to drink plenty of water. Don't worry about drinking so much that you need to keep going to the loo - getting up to exercise your legs regularly is just as important while flying.

Opt for a lotion with an invigorating fragrance

It's also a good idea to think about what you're eating while in the air, as some types of food could dehydrate you further, or leave you looking and feeling sluggish when you arrive at your destination.

Fresh fruit, vegetable and salad ingredients are the most-hydrating foods of all, but if these aren't available on your flight, try to steer clear of overly salted snacks or anything that's too stodgy, as these are more likely to make you feel sluggish and dehydrated.

Rehydrate your skin when you land

That harsh air conditioning usually remains in motion until passengers begin departing the plane, meaning there's little opportunity to get moisture back into your skin until you reach the airport itself. However, many airport bathrooms are very spacious (especially in VIP lounge areas), so take a few moments to apply one of our Hand Lotions and a little bit of Body Lotion to your arms, legs and decolletage to make sure it's looking and feeling smooth for your arrival.

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Opt for a lotion with an invigorating fragrance like our Citrus & Lavender Body Lotion to help make you feel a little more awake after your long journey.

When you're checked in at your hotel and you've got a little more time and space to pamper yourself, take a few minutes to properly scrub up - quite literally! - with one of our natural sea salt and bamboo Body Scrubs. This beautiful combination of ingredients is naturally exfoliating, so will get rid of any dry skin from your flight, leaving your skin looking and feeling gorgeously smooth.

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