How to make the most of your bath and reduce stress

How to make the most of your bath and reduce stress

When it comes to relaxing, we don't do enough of it. Hectic lifestyles and improved technology that leaves us 'plugged in' constantly tend to mean that quiet moments to yourself are few and far between.

Not only can this mean you're left feeling tired all the time, it can also result in high levels of stress, which has a number of impacts on your health.

As April is Stress Awareness Month in the UK - and it has been since 1992 - we thought that it would be a good idea to share some top tips on how to really relax, de-stress and make the most of your bath. 

Here are our favourite ways to help worries float away and to enjoy a good soak in the tub:

Keep your bathroom tidy

It's all well and good running yourself a nice hot bath using all your favourite products, but if your bathroom doesn't exude the feel of a relaxing haven, your bath won't do the trick.

A cluttered and messy bathroom can stop you from relaxing, as it gives you something else to worry about when you should just be chilling out.

This is why it is a good idea to take steps to keep your bathroom as tidy and ordered as possible. If you find this is easier said than done, give yourself ten minutes before running your bath to have a quick clear up so you aren't worried about it once you step into the water.

Enjoy choosing your products

It isn't just the hot water in the bath that can help you relax, the products you choose can also ensure you fully unwind.

You should have a few different scents to hand so as to suit your products to your mood, which will help you get better results. This means you can choose the right fragrance or the correct mix of scents to meet your needs and help you relax.

When it comes to relaxing, we don't do enough of it

Something like our Greentea and Grapefruit fragrance can help you to chill out but also leave you feeling re-energised, while our Neroli and Rose will uplift your mood while also reducing stress.

You can even use different fragrances together to create a bath cocktail if you want to get a bit creative.

Don't take your phone

You might be tempted to take your phone into the bathroom with you to check your emails or social media while you're having a soak. Not only does this mean you risk water damage to your device, it also stops you from switching off for a while and fully relaxing.

Rather than taking technology into the bathroom with you, read a book or just sit back and relax away from everyone else. Sometimes we need a few moments to ourselves, so make sure you get the chance.

Take your time

It is hard to relax in the bath if you're timing yourself or if you know there is stuff you need to be getting on with, which can ruin the whole experience.

In order to get the most out of your bath and give yourself the opportunity to relax, ensure there is nothing vital that needs to be done and that you don't need to be anywhere. If things can wait until tomorrow, you'll find it much easier to put everything to the back of your mind for an hour or so.

Create a relaxing atmosphere

As well as ensuring your bathroom is tidy and that no one is going to disturb you, it also pays to create a relaxing atmosphere.

While your fragrance of choice will help you achieve this, you can further the atmosphere by adding things like candles to create a soft and warm glow to your bathroom.

Our soy candles offer beautiful fragrances and an even burn to help you create the ideal relaxing environment. To further the effect, choose a candle in a fragrance that will help you unwind, such as our Jasmine and Lilac or Sandalwood and Oud

All of these steps will help you make the most of your bath and reduce your stress levels. You can also share your bathies with us to show how you relax on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Just post your picture with the hashtag #BritishBathTime to share your ultimate pampering bath. 

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