How to make your man feel special this Valentine’s Day

How to make your man feel special this Valentine’s Day

Whether he’s your husband or boyfriend, your civil partner or simply your partner in crime, the man in your life deserves to feel special this Valentine’s Day. While it’s fairly obvious what every woman wants to receive on February 14th - click here or here if you need a clue - it can be trickier to know what to get for the fellas. Luckily, we’ve got a few ideas to offer up a little out-of-the-ordinary inspiration.

Clever tech

There’s no escaping the fact that there’s some pretty clever tech out there that is sure to make your chap happy this Valentine’s Day. Whether it’s a wireless charger for his phone, the latest smart headphones or a smartphone camera lens kit, there’s plenty of options for the modern man. These are the kind of things he would really like to be spending his money on but simply can’t justify, so you need to do it for him.

Stadium tour

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A once-in-a-lifetime experience

It’s hard to choose gifts for men, but there’s no reason he should be disappointed on Valentine’s Day with our carefully-selected gift guide.

Is there something your other half has always wanted to do, but never got round to it? Then put him in the right direction with a well-thought-out gift. It could be the tasting menu at a restaurant owned by his favourite chef, a guided tour around the stadium of his favourite sports team or a personal challenge like running a half marathon or an open water swim. Get this spot on and he’ll forgive you the new cashmere jumper you’ve been hiding in the wardrobe since you bought it in the sales.

Up the ante on an everyday item

While it’s really nice to splash out on a luxury item that will get used once in a blue moon, it can be particularly thoughtful to upgrade something your man uses every day. For example, you could get him a particularly flash reusable mug for his commute or a top-of-the-range gym bag if he likes to keep himself in shape. Even a snug pair of sheepskin slippers to upgrade the run-of-the-mill pair he always wears around the house will show that you care.

Open the door to a world of pampering

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A bit of pampering

They may not always admit it, but men like a bit of pampering just as much as women. Whether your partner is bearded or clean shaven, fond of a long soak or a secret moisturiser addict, we’ve got just the thing for him. Keep that beard in check with the Charcoal Beard Bar; let him luxuriate in the bath surrounded by the deep scent of Amber Oakmoss from the Exfoliating Body Bar or give him the ultimate Heyland & Whittle experience with the Men’s Gift Box.

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