How to recover from Christmas excess

How to recover from Christmas excess

Christmas isn't just about presents and decorations; for many people, it is also about food and drink. While it is important to think about your health and try to avoid eating and drinking too much over the festive period, you may find that you've overdone it following December 25th.

The easiest way to avoid feeling a bit worse for wear after Christmas is to not to overdo it when it comes to festive treats and tipples. However, if you don't manage to do this and need help recovering, we've got some good tips.

Walk it off

While you may just feel like sitting down and watching Christmas TV, you should avoid doing this. Not only can this actually make you feel worse, but you may end up eating more as you get bored.

Instead, get up, get dressed and step outside for a walk. This doesn't mean you have to walk several miles, but simply getting outside for even ten minutes can help you feel a bit brighter.

The exercise will do you good after the heavy festive food and drink, while the fresh air will help perk you up. Only walk as long as you feel able and don't push yourself too hard; after all, it is still Christmas.

Drink plenty of water

It is always important to make sure you drink enough water to stay hydrated, but if you've overdone it on Christmas Day, this is even more vital. Not only can drinking water help get rid of a headache caused by eating and drinking too much, you may find that it settles your stomach too.

The easiest way to avoid feeling a bit worse for wear after Christmas is to not to overdo it

Water is used by your body to flush out toxins too, which can mean you'll end up feeling better overall. So rather than reaching for t tea, coffee, or another cheeky tipple - which all dehydrate you - keep your glass filled with water instead on Boxing Day.

Freshen up

One of the easiest ways to make yourself feel better following Christmas excess is to have a bath or a shower. Not only does this help you feel a bit more relaxed, it will also wake you up at the same time - which is ideal if you want to try and get outside for a bit.

Rather than staying in your PJs all day, treat yourself to a bit of a pamper to help you feel bright and happy. Our Green Tea and Grapefruit Body Wash or Foam Bath are great choices, as the fresh scent will lift your spirit while leaving your skin clean, soft and lightly fragranced.

Fresh fruit and vegetables

While you're likely to have leftovers and the usual festive fare - such as cheese and chutneys - at the ready, overdoing it with these after the rich food of Christmas Day is likely to leave you feeling even worse.

You can enjoy all the usual food you have at this time of year, but you should also make sure you and your family have plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables to eat with it. This ensures that post-Christmas meals are nutritious and healthier, which can make you feel a lot better.

It could even be a good idea to have things like clementines out at all times as well as biscuits and sweets, as this could encourage people to go for the healthier option throughout the Christmas period.