How to survive the social whirl this festive season

How to survive the social whirl this festive season

Christmas is an exciting time, but each year December seems to get busier and busier. We end up with so many social commitments that by the big day itself we can feel exhausted. Look after yourself and focus on what’s important by having a plan to tackle this social merry-go-round before the festive season begins.

Don’t say ‘yes’ to everything

This is a really tough rule to follow, especially as it’s nice to be invited to lots of different places, but think very carefully before accepting an invitation. Decide whether you really want to be at a former colleague’s mince pie and mulled wine evening or you’re just agreeing to go because you feel you should. Save your energy for the gatherings you’re really excited about.

Spending time with loved ones

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Prioritise your loved ones

While it’s lovely to see lots of people you don’t meet up with regularly, be sure to make time for your loved ones. Plan to get into the festive spirit with your partner, children and friends. This might mean heading to a pop-up ice rink for some winter fun, going for a stroll and ending up in a cafe with hot chocolate or taking in a pantomime or festive show.

Schedule in some time at home

Make time for the important things this Christmas and don’t get lost in a sea of social engagements.

Avoid Christmas burnout by simply closing the door on it, snuggling up on the sofa with a festive film or running yourself a hot bath. Make sure you put this in your diary or on the family wall planner, just like you would a social event, otherwise you’ll find the time gets swallowed up as you overcommit yourself to others.

Dress to impress with your favourite outfit

It can be really difficult to know what to wear at all these Christmas events, but it’s important that you feel good in yourself. If you have an outfit that always makes you feel a million bucks, don’t be afraid to wheel it out again. With this solid foundation you can mix up your accessories and make it look totally different, knowing that your favourite little black dress, trouser suit or vintage number is serving you well underneath.

Feeling confident

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Feel confident in a signature scent

Walk into any room - whether it’s the staff Christmas do or one of Auntie Barbara’s infamous cocktail parties - feeling confident with a signature scent. Choose the fragrance that best suits you from the Heyland & Whittle collection and layer it up before putting on your outfit. Wash away the stresses of the day with our Hand & Body Wash, before gently exfoliating with a Luxurious Body Scrub in the same scent. Finally, top up the fragrance with the Hand & Body Lotion to feel confident for hours.

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