In the garden: Taking care of your hands when gardening

In the garden: Taking care of your hands when gardening

With the weather getting better and the days getting brighter, you might be thinking about heading into the garden to repair the damage wrought by winter. While gardening is a great way to spend a sunny afternoon - especially if it means you can relax in your beautiful garden later on - it can leave your hands looking and feeling a bit rough.

The combination of sunshine, dirt and manual labour can mean that your hands can end up sore and dry. This can be exasperated by constant hand washing, as some soaps can be incredibly harsh, which is made worse if they aren't very effective at removing dirt.

There are ways that you can look after your hands to keep them looking and feeling great, even if you are clocking a lot of gardening hours. Here are our top tips for gardeners handcare:  

Gentle and effective soap

If you're doing a lot of gardening, you want a hand soap that is going to lift dirt quickly and easily but that won't dry your hands out. In fact, a soap that will help to moisturise your skin is the best option.

Our Gardener's Soap Bar is a hardworking, natural soap that is ideal for those who enjoy working outside. It is made with a range of natural oils - including cocoa butter, olive oil, coconut oil and organic sustainable palm oil - so it creates a wonderfully soft lather that moisturises your hands.

For extra cleaning power, we've added poppy seeds and oatmeal for a gentle level of exfoliation that will lift dirt easily and quickly so you don't need to scrub your hands hard. 

Gardening can leave your hands feeling dry and rough

This soap is suitable for all skin types and is sure to help look after your hands. 

Hand lotion

It is a good idea to have a bottle of hand lotion at the ready for when you've washed your hands, just so you can give your skin an extra moisture injection.

Our hand lotions use soothing aloe vera and incredibly-moisturising borage oil so you can feel an instant difference. They also sink in quickly, ensuring your hands don't feel sticky after use.

Pick a fresh scent, like Greentea and Grapefruit, to help increase the cooling sensation on your hands, which can be really pleasant after working in the garden.  

New hand creams

If you're doing a lot of gardening, it is a good idea to have a portable solution to dry and chapped hands. Our new hand creams are the perfect choice, as they come in handbag-friendly tubes that you are able to take everywhere with you.

This means that if your hands start to feel dry throughout the day, you can look after them and leave them feeling great again no matter where you are or what you're doing.

Choose from Greentea and Grapefruit, Citrus and Lavender, and Neroli and Rose fragrances and enjoy the smoothing effect of shea butter, sunflower oil and beeswax in these rich and effective creams.

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