It’s good to be a scrubber

It's good to be a scrubber

In certain contexts, 'scrubber' is a rather derogatory word. But at Heyland & Whittle, we think it's good to be a scrubber - although we use the term to mean 'one who regularly exfoliates their skin with a body scrub'.

Now that winter has well and truly arrived, dry, flaky skin is sadly something that many of us have to live with on a frequent basis. If you were lucky enough to enjoy some late summer sun abroad, you might have been left with peeling skin that's only going to get flakier and more sore as the cold continues to set in.

Enter our new range of natural body scrubs - the perfect solution to get rid of all of that horrible dead skin and leave your skin feeling gorgeously smooth throughout the chilly winter months.

Heyland & Whittle's body scrubs

There are five scentsational fragrances in the Heyland & Whittle body scrub collection: Neroli & Rose, Greentea & Grapefruit, Wild Lemongrass, Citrus & Lavender and one of our newer aromas, Lily & Ylang Ylang.

This stunning mix of floral and fruit scents means our body scrubs will leave your skin smelling amazing each time you use them, with the fragrances designed to linger on your body for hours after your bath or shower.

You won't find any synthetic microbeads in our body scrubs

With their soft, silky texture, our body scrubs are reminiscent of marshmallow fluff, but there is hidden salt and bamboo in there to exfoliate and polish your skin, leaving it feeling dreamily smooth.

You won't find any synthetic microbeads in our body scrubs - we believe in using natural ingredients for the good of your skin and the environment. But why exactly is regularly scrubbing your skin such a big deal?

Why exfoliating is so important

We put our poor skin through a lot. Our pores can easily get clogged with sweat, dirt and bacteria as we go about our day-to-day lives. Add to that flaky, cracked skin during colder spells and your skin is left in need of some serious TLC.

Exfoliating your skin several times a week with a body scrub that contains natural goodness is the best thing you can do for dry or damaged skin. Apply a generous amount of the scrub to your hand and massage into the skin, washing it away afterwards. As there are no synthetic beads in Heyland & Whittle's products, the scrub will wash away nicely without clogging up your plug hole or causing any harm to the environment.

To keep your skin feeling plump and smooth after using your body scrub, apply one of our body lotions after you've dried yourself off. This will help to lock in all of the care you've just given your skin, leaving it feeling smoother than you could have ever imagined.

Choose the same fragrance as your scrub or opt for something different if you want to spend the rest of the day smelling like a heady bouquet.

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