It’s leg-baring season: Top tips to keep yours looking smooth

It's leg-baring season: Top tips to keep yours looking smooth

How lucky were we to have such glorious weather over the long bank holiday weekend for once? It was absolutely gorgeous, and for many of us, it will have marked the first time in a good while that we dared to bare our legs and treat them to a little sun.

When your legs are hidden underneath trousers and thick tights for months on end, it can be all too tempting not to shave or wax them, and embrace a more natural look. But that means that when the first nice day of the year does arrive and you're forced to perform some emergency hair removal, the skin underneath looks and feels somewhat neglected.

Shaving, waxing and epilating can all be quite harsh on your skin, leaving behind raw-looking, dry patches of flaky skin that are less than glamorous-looking, and not what you ideally want to be showing off in the sunshine.

But with a little bit of pampering, you can soon have your freshly shaven legs looking and feeling beautifully smooth, meaning there's no need at all to feel self-conscious on a beautiful day.

It can be all too tempting not to shave or wax

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After performing your preferred hair removal technique, take the time to apply one of our natural Body Scrubs in your bath or shower to gently exfoliate the skin and get rid of any unsightly dry flakes. Made from sea salt granules and bamboo, our natural Body Scrubs are designed to leave your skin feeling silkily smooth, while being kind to the environment too, as all of the grains simply wash straight down the sink when you're finished, without any clogging residue.

Moisturising needs to follow exfoliating to keep all of that smoothness locked in, so follow up your Body Scrub with one of our Body Lotions to treat your legs to some extra nourishment after the long winter months. Choose from Wild Lemongrass, Greentea & Grapefruit, Citrus & Lavender, and Neroli & Rose scents to add a sweet summer fragrance to your skin at the same time.

Keep up this routine regularly throughout the summer to keep your legs feeling and appearing beautifully smooth, exfoliating after each time you shave or wax and moisturising regularly to prevent your skin from drying out on hot days.

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