Less is more this Plastic-free Beauty Day

Less is more this Plastic-free Beauty Day

There are three main strands of action in the fight towards saving the environment - reduce, reuse and recycle - and while many initiatives focus on the latter two, it’s time to think more seriously about the first one. This Plastic-free Beauty Day, which falls on June 17th, we’ll be doing just that.

After all, reducing the amount of plastic we use in the first place means we don’t need to put resources into recycling it once the initial useful purpose has expired. Of course, reusing and recycling are important too, but cut out the plastic to begin with and there’s no need to deploy an imperfect solution, because the problem no longer exists.

How to go plastic-free with your beauty routine

Bars of soap are the original plastic-free beauty hero and are just as essential to your beauty routine as they have been for centuries. It’s a common misconception that soap can be drying for the skin, but the inclusion of essential oils and glycerin in our recipes guarantee your face and body will be left soft, supple and sweet smelling once you’ve lathered up with our Soap Bars.

Of course, there’s no need for traditional bars of soap to be packaged in plastic and ours arrive in beautifully-designed cardboard boxes. To cut down on packaging even more, you can opt to have yours simply wrapped in paper. Just fill in the tick box before adding your favourite soap to your online cart.

Purchase one of our Soap Savers to help keep your bar of soap in perfect condition ready for use. These are plastic-free too, as they’re made from sustainably-sourced wood and allow water to slip between the boards, stopping your Citrus Grove or Hemp & Walnut Soap Bar from getting soggy.

Discover simple ways to cut plastic from your skincare routine this Plastic-free Beauty Day with Heyland & Whittle.

Another area where you can go plastic-free is with your hair. Our Hydrating Shampoo Bar incorporates the same ethos and techniques for making soap that are applied to our body products. You will be left with soft, shiny hair that smells sublime and without a piece of plastic in sight.

Instead of using a plastic bottle of bubble bath, our indulgent Bath Melts are a fabulous way to step away from the plastic but without compromising on a luxurious bathing experience. These little spheres of joy are packed full of sumptuous ingredients like body butter oils to lead the way to relaxation, and finished with individual scents including Neroli & Rose, Citrus & Lavender, and Greentea & Grapefruit.

Reuse and recycle

While here at Heyland & Whittle we have made every effort to be as plastic-free as possible, there’s still a little way to go. Until we can find a plastic-free way to package our Hand and Body Washes and Lotions, they will still come to you in plastic bottles. Rest assured, however, that these bottles are made from high-quality PET (polyethylene terephthalate) that is easy to recycle.

And when it comes to reusing our plastic bottles, why not refill the perfect-for-holidays 30ml containers from our Travel Collection from the larger bottles you keep by the sink at home? This approach will keep your weekend away holdall fully stocked while making minimal impact on the environment.

Our commitment to the environment has seen us make a number of changes when it comes to our mail order packaging. This includes using plastic-free tape on our cardboard boxes. We will continue to find innovative ways to bring our beautiful Heyland & Whittle products to you in perfect condition while minimising the impact on the environment.

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