Liquid or solid: How do you like your soap?

Liquid or solid: How do you like your soap?

When it comes to the soap we use, everyone has a preference. Whether you like a lot of bubbles, need something extra moisturising or want to make washing your hands as quick and easy as possible, we have a soap that will suit everyone's taste.

But how do you decide on what soap is right for you and your family? While you can fall back on the scent of a soap to make your decision, all of our varieties smell amazing so you could be back at square one.

Here are the main differences between our solid and liquid soap varieties to help you find the perfect choice for your home:

Solid soap

We've become known for our solid soap due to its quality, natural ingredients and the fact that it's handmade - which you can find out more about here

Unlike other solid soaps on the market, ours doesn't contain any chemical detergents. Instead, they are made from a number of natural base oils - including olive, castor seed, coconut organic and certified sustainable palm oils and cocoa butter - which react with a natural alkaline solution to foam up.

Fragrance is added through the use of different essential oils, while colouring is also completely natural - we use things like turmeric and madder root to give a rich colour without the chemicals. Some soaps also have added ingredients like goat's milk for extra moisturisation and oats for gentle exfoliation.

We have a type of soap that will suit everyone's taste

Another thing that makes our solid traditional soaps so great is that they can be used for hands, body and face. They are so gentle that they won't dry your skin out, even the sensitive skin on your face; instead, they leave it feeling soft, supple and clean.

This means that our soaps are great all-rounders, making them ideal for in the home, as well as for travelling as they are so compact. We also have different varieties for different skin types, so you can find the perfect match.

Liquid soap

Our range of liquid soaps features some of our most popular fragrances from our Classic Range, which means you can fill your home with your favourite scent. 

Not only do they smell great - so much so that the fragrance will linger in the air after use - they are also incredibly nourishing due to the fact they contain glycerine. This is a natural ingredient that deeply moisturises your skin to leave your skin feeling beautifully soft.

Just as with our solid soaps, our liquid soaps are ideal for sensitive skin, especially as we avoid using any ingredients that can be harsh on the skin or that are known to be problematic, such as SLS or cocamide DEA. Instead, we use only gentle ingredients that aren't damaging to your health. 

While one soap is not suitable for hands, body and face, we have a selection of luxury hand and body washes, as well as foam bath, so you can really make the most of your top Heyland and Whittle scent. 

You will also find hand and body lotions in the same fragrances, which means you can layer your chosen scent up so it will last longer on your skin throughout the day while helping to leave it feeling more moisturised.

Find your perfect soap no matter your preference here.