May your skin be merry and bright this winter

May your skin be merry and bright this winter

The arrival of the festive season means that most of us will want to be looking our best ready to celebrate Christmas in style - as well as go to a number of fabulous parties throughout the month of December. While this means picking out a great outfit and ensuring your hair looks perfect, you should also take care of your skin.

December plays havoc with our complexions, with the cold and wet weather, lack of sunlight and sugary festive treats all affecting our skin. This can make it look a bit dull, put you at risk of breakouts and generally just make you look rather tired.

While a holiday in the sun would help perk it up, we can't all jet off at the drop of a hat. Luckily, there is plenty you can do to help give your skin a boost and leave it looking lovely this Christmas.

Stick with warm water

It may be cold in your bathroom first thing in the morning, but you should avoid washing your face in hot water. This can actually make it dry, causing problems like flaky areas, which don't look great and can be uncomfortable.

Instead, wash your face in lukewarm water, ensuring you're doing so with a gentle product - such as our traditional soaps. This will help keep the oil levels stable and your complexion bright. The same should be the case when you have a shower, as hot water can affect the rest of your body in the same way.

Moisturise regularly

December plays havoc with our complexions

Even if you are washing your skin at the right temperature, the cold and wet days also seep moisture from your skin. This means you need to replace lost moisture to keep your skin looking and feeling its best. 

Use moisturisers on your face morning and evening, a body lotion on the rest of your body and have a hand cream at the ready while out and about to take care of your hands while you're out in the cold. 

Drink plenty of water

What you eat and drink also affects how your skin looks, with sugary things like mince pies and alcoholic drinks often causing breakouts or dullness. It's important, therefore, to drink enough water every day.

Not only will this help to keep you hydrated and moisturise your skin from within, it also flushes out toxins from food and drink that can affect your skin.

Follow these tips and you and your skin will be ready for anything this winter.

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