New handbag for Christmas? Here’s what you need in there

New handbag for Christmas? Here's what you need in there

Are you still swooning over the new handbag you received for Christmas, stroking its suede exterior, inhaling its brand new leathery smell and marvelling at how good it looks with all of your best outfits?

Our handbags are among our most treasured possessions, so getting a new one to add to the collection is always a thrill. But for some reason, we always quickly manage to fill them with old receipts, raffle tickets, shopping lists and broken lipstick stubs within a matter of weeks, even though that's not what they deserve at all.

We think getting a new handbag presents you with the ideal opportunity for a handbag clearout and a chance to ensure your new bag is only filled with the essentials.

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Start by making sure you have vital items like your phone (in a case to stop it from getting scratched, if you have one), keys, umbrella and purse. Having a separate purse for change and one for cards is always a good idea, as it stops you from spending ages scrabbling around among old gift cards and bank notes for coins.

Our handbags are among our most treasured possessions

If you've got room in your bag for a book or Kindle, pop one in. It can be lovely and relaxing to spend half an hour immersed in a novel on your commute and reading makes a refreshing change from scrolling through your phone if you've got a little time to yourself at the station or in a coffee shop.

As this time of year isn't necessarily the most pleasant, a few cold-fighting items like a small packet of tissues, throat sweets and a lip balm to soothe chapped lips can also be classed as essentials at the moment.

Pop a hand cream in there too for those days when your hands are really feeling the cold and you want to stop them from becoming dry, cracked and sore. Our handbag-sized Hand Creams are available in the gorgeous Neroli & Rose or Citrus & Lavender scents, so you'll be carrying around a glorious burst of fragrance with you too - ideal if you haven't got space in your bag for a mini perfume as well.

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If you're intending to adopt healthier habits in January, making sure you've got some healthy snacks in your bag that are easy to carry around with you and won't leave it full of crumbs or feeling sticky is another good idea. For example, you could fill a little tub or a plastic sandwich bag with a handful of nuts or some dried fruit so you've got something healthy to snack on when hunger strikes.

When it comes to putting items in your new bag, take a moment to think about whether they're really essential before taking them with you. If you're unlikely to use something, don't put it in - that's how your bag ends up full of junk and weighing as much as a tonne of bricks.

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