Our Rainbow Soap is a zero-waste hero

Our Rainbow Soap is a zero-waste hero

New product launches are always exciting and here at Heyland & Whittle the air is abuzz with anticipation. We couldn’t be happier with the way our Rainbow Soap Bars have turned out, but it’s not until we start getting feedback from our lovely customers that we really know how successful a new product is.

We’re quite confident that you will enjoy washing your hands in rainbows - who wouldn’t?! - but there’s more to these bars of soap than meets the eye. Each one contains a random selection of offcuts from our various Handmade Soap collections, offering bursts of scent as you lather up the bar in your hands.

What goes into our rainbow?

Making soap here at Heyland & Whittle is a fairly lengthy process, with each brick cured for six weeks to ensure all the ingredients have melded together into a beautiful whole. Only then do we hand-cut the bricks into the various sizes and shapes required for our individual Soaps and Gift Boxes.

There are always pieces of soap left over when we do this, with edges and offcuts that are too small to be a product on their own. After so much time and energy has gone into making this soap, not to mention premium ingredients, we don’t want to waste a single slice or corner. And this is how the Rainbow Soap Bar was born.

Heyland & Whittle is excited to launch the Rainbow Soap Bar - a ray of hope and burst of fragrance that spreads joy and gives back to the NHS.

We discovered that by placing these leftover pieces back into the trays and pouring over a sumptuous white olive oil base soap they were given a whole new lease of life. We decided not to arrange them in any particular way, so each one is random and unique. It’s a joy for the soap makers to cut these rainbow bricks into bars, as they reveal their secrets inside.

So, when using this soap, you get all the benefits of moisturising olive oil, as well as ingredients like rosemary, walnut, turmeric and blue poppy. Look out for flashes of yellow Citrus Grove Soap, pink Rose Soap or even the distinctive black of our Charcoal Bar in your Rainbow Soap Bar.

Hope in troubling times

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, the rainbow has become a symbol of hope for children, key workers and the wider community. With this in mind, we want to ensure our Rainbow Soap Bar helps in a material way. That’s why we’re donating ten per cent of the profits from each bar sold to our local hospital, because the NHS needs us as much as we need them.

Send a ray of hope to a friend

June 8th is National Best Friend Day and what could be a better excuse to treat a loved one to a little ray of hope through the post? We’ve got some lovely postcards emblazoned with a rainbow union flag that we can pop into your parcel to bear a handwritten note.

To order your Rainbow Soap Bar, click here.