Out with the old and in with the avocado

Out with the old and in with the avocado

In recent years you’ve been eating it on toast, adding it to smoothies and seeing it splashed all over Instagram, but now you can enjoy avocado in your skincare too. That’s because we’ve created a whole new range of our Handmade Soaps that are made with avocado oil instead of certified palm oil.

Here at Heyland & Whittle, we take our responsibilities to the environment very seriously. That’s why we’ve always chosen to use sustainable palm oil in our products. And while you can still buy all of our tempting cold-pressed Soaps made to their original recipes, we’re also offering palm oil-free alternatives too.

Avocado half

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Why avocado oil?

In looking at ways to create the same texture and performance as palm oil in our Soaps, we found that avocado oil is a great option. It’s made by pressing the pulp of the avocado until you have a fatty acid-fuelled liquid that is perfect for moisturising your skin and leaving it beautifully soft.

Avocado is everywhere in 2020 and it’s now even in some of our Soaps. Shop the new range to do even more for the environment while enjoying products from Heyland & Whittle.

Despite being a miracle ingredient for protecting the skin from damage and ultraviolet radiation, as well as calming and healing irritated skin, avocado oil does not have an overwhelming scent. This makes it perfect for our purposes, because we’re all about letting our delicious fragrances take centre stage.

All the goodies in avocado oil

So, what are all the components of avocado oil that make it so effective as a skincare ingredient? For moisturisation there’s beta carotene, protein, lecithin, fatty acids, and vitamins A, D, and E, while linoleic acid, oleic acid, and other monosaturated fatty acids help the skin to heal.

Improve problem skin with avocado oil

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Avocado oil for problem skin

If you suffer from psoriasis, eczema or acne, you may find the addition of avocado oil to your skincare routine beneficial. The vitamins and antioxidants help with dry skin conditions and its anti-inflammatory properties mean it can reduce redness from spots. Speaking of redness, if you’ve been out in the sun for too long, then avocado oil can help to soothe sunburnt skin, but we always urge you to look after your skin and avoid extreme exposure to the sun.

Using avocado oil in a Soap means you’ll be washing it off and therefore there won’t be any oily residue left behind. It’s always a good idea to do a patch test on your skin to check the suitability of a product before using it on your whole body. Once you’ve ascertained it works for you, it’s safe to use avocado oil every day.

So, if your New Year’s resolution is to do more to help save the planet and you’re conscious of the environmental impact of palm oil, click here to buy your avocado oil Soaps.