Packing hacks for a stress-free summer getaway

Packing hacks for a stress-free summer getaway

Holidays are supposed to be relaxing, but the last-minute stress of getting everything ready and trying to cram final items into your suitcase can mean they begin with chaos. Avoid the drama and take everything you’ll need with these handy packing tips.

Choose a suitcase with soft sides

Rigid cases can be very restrictive, with little give to accommodate the things you put inside. Choose one with canvas on three sides, as it will be better for irregular shaped items and mean that none of the precious space you need goes empty. It can also help when you’re trying to fit your case into one of those baggage sizers at check-in, giving you a little wiggle room.

A set of packing cubes in a suitcase

Photo credit: Pixabay/jdltmaxson

Invest in packing cubes

If you haven’t embraced packing cubes yet, now is the time to start. These lightweight pouches help to compartmentalise your clothes, just like a chest of drawers does at home. It means you can easily see how many of each item you’ve packed and only pull out the ones you need at any one time. They also compress your clothes, so there won’t be any need to sit on your suitcase.

Go mini with your favourite Heyland & Whittle Washes

Start your summer holiday in stress-free fashion with these packing hacks that will help you fit more into your case and find things easily.

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Pack your liquids and electricals last

A separate clear pouch for your liquids is an absolute must, but it’s a myth that it has to be a plastic bag. Invest in a transparent washbag that’s no bigger than 20cm x 20cm to use again and again every time you travel. Also pack your electricals in a separate pouch - we’re talking everything from cameras to chargers - so you can identify them quickly. Then pack your liquids and electricals last, making them easily accessible when you go through security at the airport.

Bring the scent of an open window to your clothes

Photo credit: Pixabay/Kirk Fisher

Avoid suitcase-scented clothes

Unpacking after a long journey, you may have noticed that your clothes smell a little musty from all the time spent in the suitcase. Slip a Scented Room Sachet into your luggage and they’ll come out smelling fresh and ready to wear. The Open Window fragrance is particularly good for this, but if you prefer Sweetpea & Rose or Clementine & Prosecco then pack one of those instead.

Pack more accessories and fewer clothes

The chances are you’re never going to fit all the clothes you to into your suitcase, so pack extra accessories instead. This approach means you can wear the same outfit on multiple occasions, but make it look totally different with the addition of a belt, a statement necklace or a standout scarf. These items will take up far less space than an extra dress and can be mixed and matched for maximum effect.

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