Poppy seeds, petals and citrus peel: Gorgeous in soap – and biscuits

Poppy seeds, petals and citrus peel: Gorgeous in soap - and biscuits

Have you left buying your mum a gift for Mother's Day until the last minute? It's quickly crept up on us this year, and takes place this Sunday (March 11th).

If you're not seeing your mum until later in the week or next weekend, there's still enough time to order a present from the Heyland & Whittle range. If you're visiting her on Mother's Day itself, you can always let her know which lovely item is on its way to her too.

We believe that you can't go wrong with a Handmade Soap Bar. All of our soaps are created using natural ingredients, meaning they not only smell wonderful, but they'll be kind to your skin too, and they're very affordable.

Our Rose Soap Bar makes a lovely Mother's Day gift, as it's lightly perfumed with the sweet scent of rose, which has been combined with cocoa butter to create a beautifully nourishing and moisturising soap.

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If your mum's a keen gardener, our Gardeners Soap Bar would be absolutely perfect, as it's packed with oatmeal, spices and poppy seeds, which are all natural exfoliators and are ideal for getting rid of dirt under the fingernails after a productive day's gardening.

Take inspiration from these ingredients and use them in some home baking

These ingredients are just a few of the added extras that we put in our soap bars for either fragrance or exfoliation; we also use citrus peel and dried petals, for example.

So, if you really have left your Mother's Day gift-buying too late and are panicking about what to give your mum, take inspiration from these ingredients and use them in some home baking. A homemade present is always guaranteed to go down well, and if you have already purchased some soap or Bath Melts, biscuits flavoured with the same theme will make a gorgeous and well-thought-out accompaniment to your gift.

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Rose petals, which feature in our set of three bath melts, along with a cornflower and marigold-scented melt, are a beautiful addition to delicate shortbread biscuits. You can make these by combining 175 grams of plain flour with 125 grams of butter and 50 grams of caster sugar.

Bring the ingredients together to form a biscuit dough, stirring through a few teaspoons of rose petals at the same time. Roll out the dough, and cut into shortbread finger shapes or use a cookie cutter and bake at 180 degrees for around 12 to 15 minutes.

Swapping the rose petals for citrus peel would also work beautifully for fragrant lemon or orange-flavoured biscuits, a perfect accompaniment to the gift of a Citrus Grove Soap Bar.

And if it's the Gardeners Soap Bar you're going for with its exfoliating poppy seeds, add a few of those along with a little lemon zest into your shortbread dough instead, and you'll have gorgeous lemon and poppy seed biscuits to go alongside your present.

From oatmeal and spice to seaweed and walnuts, we incorporate many cooking ingredients in our soap bars. Explore the full collection here