Post-London Marathon pampering essentials

Post-London Marathon pampering essentials

Are you in training for the Virgin Money London Marathon this weekend? Months of hard work, determination, aching muscles and fundraising are about to come to an end, as thousands of runners tackle the final 26.2 miles between the starting line and their goal on Sunday April 22nd.

We wish everyone who's taking part the best of luck, and we'd like to share a few tips for looking after your body and treating it to the most deserved pamper session of your life once you've crossed the finish line. You will have pushed your body to the limits over the past few months of training and running, and your muscles will welcome some much-needed TLC.

Indulge in the ultimate long soak

Start your post-marathon pampering by running yourself a hot bath - or, even better, get someone else to run it for you while you put your exhausted feet up. Use plenty of our Citrus & Lavender Foam Bath to add bubbles and fill the room with a gorgeous fragrance that's rejuvenating as a result of its citrus notes, but also incredibly soothing and relaxing thanks to the lavender.

Let yourself just lie there and soak your muscles, and any blisters you're likely to have picked up along the marathon route, and relish not having to worry about pace or timings or the weather or if you'll need to go to the loo en route - all of those thoughts that have been circling your mind for months no longer matter; you did it.

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Once you're feeling suitably refreshed and relaxed - or as refreshed as you can be after running 26.2 miles - use one of our natural sea salt and bamboo Body Scrubs to exfoliate your skin. Focus on your poor, tired trotters, using the salt granules to rub away any broken or dead skin, which will leave you with soft, smooth feet.

Take it easy and keep pampering yourself for the next few days

Massaging the scrub into your arms and legs will keep the blood flowing, easing some of the stiffness in your overworked muscles, helping to relax them more. Be gentle when you're drying yourself off after your bath though, as your aches and pains won't disappear straight away - take it easy and keep pampering yourself for the next few days, and you'll soon recover fully.

Lock in all of that silky smooth nourishment after your soak by using one of our Body Lotions to keep your skin feeling moisturised and smelling beautiful.

Let your body rest

After the day's exertion, you'll be in need of a good night's sleep. However, switching off amid the buzz of your huge achievement can be easier said than done, so it's important to make sure you're as calm and relaxed as possible before you get into bed to recharge your batteries.

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The products in our Sleep Easy collection can help. Place our Sleep Easy Reed Diffuser on your bedside table and let its naturally soothing chamomile and lavender fragrance wash over you as you drift off. If you're confident you'll remember to blow out the flame, lighting our Sleep Easy Candle in a Tin can turn up the power of this dream-inducing scent.

Get into your comfiest pyjamas, pop an eye mask on to block out any light and switch your alarm off - you've never deserved a sound night's sleep more.

You don't need to complete a marathon to warrant treating yourself to a pamper. Browse our full range of luxury pampering goodies here