Prepare your skin for the summer sun

Prepare your skin for the summer sun

If you're getting ready to enjoy some time out in the sun, you should definitely think about how best to prepare your skin. It isn't just sunburn that you have to worry about when catching some rays, the sun can cause all sorts of reactions when it comes to your skin, leaving it looking and feeling far from its best.

Whether you're heading off on holiday or are just hoping that the British weather behaves itself long enough for you to go to the beach or sit in the garden, caring for your skin in the summer is important. 

To ensure your skin remains happy and healthy - whether you tan or not - here are some of the best ways to prepare it before spending a day trying to get tan:


Avid tanners will know that exfoliating before soaking up the sun can help you bronze better, but there are other reasons a good scrub is great in the summer.

Exfoliating gets rid of dead skin cells, helps to clear pores, brighten skin and keep it balanced, which are only going to be good things. As being in the sun can leave people's skin dry and flaking or extra oily and prone to breakouts, giving it a gentle scrub is going to help avoid this.

You should also be sure to exfoliate throughout the summer to stop your skin from looking dull and to ensure the negative effects of sunshine don't strike. Use one of our new body scrubs for gentle but effective exfoliation that is also incredibly moisturising. 


It isn't just sunburn you need to worry about when catching some rays

Another important part of balance when it comes to your skin is making sure it gets enough moisture. As the sun can result in lost natural oils on your skin, it is vital that you replace them. Failing to moisturise can mean your skin gets really dry or that it overcompensates and produces a lot more oil than it actually needs.

Moisturising in the morning and after you've been out in the sun will help to keep your skin balanced and healthy. Our body lotions are a great option as they are light enough that your skin won't feel weighed down, but effective enough to moisturise deeply.

They also come in a range of fragrances, with our Greentea and Grapefruit being particularly great for hot, sunny days. 

Sun protection

Of course, one thing you can't forget is sun protection. It's important to put on sun cream that offers strong UVA and UVB protection to avoid sunburn and skin damage. You should do this about half an hour before you leave the house, regularly throughout the day and after you get out of the water if you're going swimming.

Be sure to also use sun cream on your face, ears and your scalp, as these are areas that people often forget about until it's too late. It's also a good idea to cover up or stay in the shade around noon, which is when the sun will be at its strongest.


While moisturiser and sun cream are vital for skin health during summer, they can also build up on your skin after a couple of applications. This is why you should ensure you're thoroughly cleansing your skin so it can breathe and your pores don't get clogged.

Having a quick shower in the morning and evening can achieve this and help refresh your skin after a hot night and a day in the sun. Use either our traditional soap bars or body washes for gentle cleansing that is suitable for all skin types. Our traditional soaps are also made using a variety of natural oils, so they are moisturising and healing, making them perfect if you have caught the sun a bit.

To keep your skin healthy this summer, explore our range of beauty and skincare products here