Pros and cons of showering at night

Pros and cons of showering at night

Getting ready in the morning is often a rush of alarms, quick gulps of coffee and a few minutes in a slightly cold shower. There never seems to be enough time, especially if you need to get others ready for the day ahead too.

While you could get out of bed a few minutes early, you probably know that this is unlikely. The key then is to save time by doing what you can the night before. This can mean laying out your clothes, packing up your lunch and showering before bed.

If you're a staunch morning showerer, you might think that showering at night sounds far from ideal, but it could be just the answer you were looking for. In fact, there are a number of pros to hopping in the shower in the PM rather than when you wake up in the morning. 

To help you work out the best routine for you, here are the pros and cons of nighttime showers:

Pro - You get more time 

Having a shower at night means you've got as much time as you could want for a full-on pamper. You can take your time and use all of the products you really like without having to worry that the extra dollop of body wash is going to make you late.

Con - No pick-me-up in the morning

There are a number of pros to hopping in the shower at night

Jumping in the shower in the morning is one of the best ways to wake yourself up and leave you feeling refreshed. It helps get rid of the last dregs of sleep, ensuring you are ready for the day ahead - especially if you had a bad night's sleep. 

Pro - You'll feel more relaxed

Showering before bed may mean you don't get the morning wake-up call, but it can help you relax more. The combination of not worrying about time and hot running water will help to lower your blood pressure and stress levels, ensuring you're ready for bed and that you sleep better. This will help you wake up and be ready to face the day.

Con - Oily skin might suffer

If you have oily skin, you might find that too much excess oil builds up during the night after you've showered, which can be a problem when it comes to controlling breakouts. While this may not be the case every time, you may find that morning oily skin becomes more of a problem.

Pro - You don't need to rush your styling

Washing your hair in the morning can be a pain as you need to dry it and style it before heading out of the door. It also means that your hair can be less manageable throughout the day and more prone to frizz. Washing your hair at night means you can blow dry it before bed and it will be easier to manage the next day.

Con - Increased hair breakage

The downside to washing your hair at night is that it is really tempting to go to bed with wet hair and allow it to dry naturally overnight. While this may be ideal if you're feeling a bit lazy, it actually damages your hair as it increases breakages. This will make it more unmanageable over time, which nobody wants.

Pro - More minutes in the morning

Of course, the best thing about showering at night is the fact that it can free up a lot of time in the morning. Washing at night is just as hygienic as doing so in the morning so you can get dressed and be out the door much quicker. This means you have a chance to savour the first coffee of the day, eat a better breakfast or hit the snooze button on your alarm one more time. 

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