Quick wash or long soak? Are baths or showers more popular?

Quick wash or long soak? Are baths or showers more popular?

Do you like to relax in a steaming bath or jump in and out of the shower to save on time? We all have a preference, even if we can't always choose to go with it, so we decided to find out which was the most popular, baths or showers.

It turns out that it's pretty close between those who love nothing more than to sit back and relax in the tub and those who enjoy a refreshing shower. Out of those we asked, 60 per cent said they are partial to a shower, with 40 per cent being more excited by a bath.

We can't say who we think is wrong or right, as we love either and have great products to suit both. 

If you're a shower fan, we've got a great range of soaps for you to try. Those who are among the 75 per cent of people who prefer liquid soap should give our luxury Body Washes a go, while the 25 per cent of solid soap lovers can't go wrong with our completely natural Traditional Soap Bars.

Bath lovers will be truly spoilt for choice when it comes to luxurious goodies, as we have Foam Baths available in three of our best-selling scents - we know how important fragrance is as 67 per cent of people said soap needs to smell nice - along with a range of Bath Melts

60% of people prefer showers to baths

This means you can choose between mountains of light bubbles or supremely softening water, either way, your skin will look and feel fabulous.

No matter whether you prefer baths or showers, you can ensure your bathroom is turned into a relaxing haven with just the right touches. One of these is candles, which 66 per cent preferred to reed diffusers as a way to fragrance your home.

Whether you're having a bath or shower, candles can add soft, relaxing lighting and help to scent your bathroom, adding to the pampering feel. Of course, you can also add all day fragrance with a reed diffuser, which will help you fill your home with your favourite scent.

If you're looking for the perfect relaxing fragrance, you can't go wrong with Citrus and Lavender, which 54 per cent of people liked best out of our best selling fragrances. Other popular fragrances were Neroli and Rose (16 per cent), Clementine and Prosecco (eight per cent), Sandalwood and Oud (17 per cent) and Olive and Fig (five per cent).

Each of these scents is available in several different products, so you can even layer up your favourite to really create a pampering atmosphere in your bathroom.

To truly make your bath or shower special, shop our full range of fragrances here