Ramp up skincare for your whole body this autumn

Ramp up skincare for your whole body this autumn

We had been enjoying quite a mild autumn in early October, but that came to a definite end when we were buffeted by the tail-end of a hurricane last week and were subjected to lashing rain, high winds and low temperatures.

Indeed, it felt very much like (as we heard someone say on the radio) Mother Nature had left the back door open and a big draught was blowing through. It was also a reminder that Britain can get very chilly in autumn - and that the weather is only going to get harsher over the weeks to come.

Last month, we talked about keeping your hands silky and smooth no matter what the elements throw at us - but this time, we think we'd better pass on some good advice on taking your whole body skincare regime up a notch.

Tempting as it might be to hide everything under fleecy layers, you don't want scaly skin caused by the weather and central heating, plus you'll thank us come spring when you want to take those layers off again. So, here are our top tips for autumn skincare.

Apply a layer of protection

No, we don't mean another cardigan - we're talking about moisturiser applied directly to the skin. Your summer body lotion from the high street might not be enough to retain lipids during autumn and winter, so look for one that has rich oils designed specifically to replenish and repair.

Our Olive & Fig Body Lotion contains almond oil and Vitamin E with ginseng to deeply penetrate, so will protect you against the drying effects of central heating and from your clothes wicking moisture away from your skin. Just apply it each morning after you shower to see the benefits all day.

You could also add a top-up layer before you go to bed so you wake up glowing rather than feeling parched.

Body brushing

It's time to battle the elements by notching your skincare up a level.

Body brushing is something many people don't bother with, but this is a shame as it can be really beneficial. Not only is it good for the skin, but it can also assist with general health and wellbeing by boosting the lymphatic system and draining away toxins.

Some claim it feels as good as a brisk walk, while it may also be good for beating the dreaded cellulite. It's not difficult, either; just do it a couple of times a week while you shower. You just need to use an exfoliating mitt or a loofah and work from your feet up to your stomach in big, sweeping circles.

You can then do the same from your hands to your upper torso, always rubbing towards the heart and never pressing too hard. If your skin is especially sensitive, lubricate it with the lather from our Hemp & Walnut Soap Bar first.

Don't have your water too hot

Tempting though it may be to crank the hot water right up in the bath or shower, don't - the hotter the water is, the more it draws moisture away from your skin. Keep it warm only, and use moisturising body washes or bath oil to further prevent drying.

Moisturise from within

Finally, you can help your skin out by giving it all it needs from the inside. As you might have guessed judging from our love of essential oils here at Heyland & Whittle, we're big believers in natural ingredients and the wonders they can provide.

Drink lots of water even though you might not get thirsty as you would in summer and eat plenty of fruit and vegetables as opposed to comfort food. Pumpkin is great for the skin, while an apple a day will top up Vitamin C levels and prevent winter colds. Almonds are ideal as a snack as they're good for the skin and fish like mackerel will also help to give you an inner glow.

Follow these top tips and you should keep your skin happy and healthy until the sun gets its hat on again.