Recyclable and compostable packaging at Heyland & Whittle

Recyclable and compostable packaging at Heyland & Whittle

Here at Heyland & Whittle we take inspiration from nature for our tempting fragrances, blending the best ingredients for our Soaps, Candles and Reed Diffusers. That means we have a huge amount to thank planet earth for and it’s important we do our bit to help look after it.

Busting a few misconceptions

One of the things that comes up time and again when we meet our lovely customers at shows and fairs is that they love our products, but wish our packaging was better for the environment. What we always tell them and we’ll also tell you is that it’s much more eco-conscious than you might think.

Use Heyland & Whittle's compostable packaging to help your garden grow

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Compostable packaging

Soaps are the cornerstone of our business and can be packaged in a number of different ways. The pretty cardboard boxes that are perfect for gifting Soaps to your friends and family are completely recyclable. Alternatively, having your Soaps simply wrapped in paper means you can add the packaging to your garden compost. This is great if you’re buying Soap Bricks for your own use or restocking the guest en suite with Mini Favours.

Recyclable bottles

Heyland & Whittle supplies products in compostable and recycling packaging in order to help the environment that inspires its scents.

There are some things that we simply can’t package in cardboard or paper, like our Washes and Lotions, Foam Bath and Hand Creams. These bottles and tubes are packed with loveliness and once they’re empty, you can pop them into your recycling box, so that they can go on and have a new life as something else.

Candle options

Our two most popular types of Candles come in either a glass container or a tin, making them very easy to recycle. The beauty of these timeless designs is that they are simple, elegant and a great alternative to plastic. After burning for around 40 hours if you’ve bought a Candle in a Glass, or 35 hours if you’re enjoying a Candle in a Tin, add the empty vessel to your separated recycling.

Even mail order deliveries come in recyclable packaging

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Mail order packaging

It’s not only the packaging that we wrap our deliciously fragranced products in directly that has minimal impact on the environment; we’ve thought hard about our mail order boxes and tape too. Cardboard boxes can be reused or recycled and even the tape is plastic-free. It just goes to show that you don’t have to compromise on performance to keep things eco-friendly.

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