Resolve to help the planet in 2020

Resolve to help the planet in 2020

The days of New Year’s resolutions focusing on losing weight or giving up snacks have gone and been replaced with much more worthwhile goals instead. These include acts of self care and kindness, which are more realistic as we move into 2020.

But what if our resolutions took in a much wider context than our own everyday lives? Here at Heyland & Whittle we think that this year we should all be making pledges to do our bit for the environment through a series of simple changes.

If you’re not sure where to start, then consult our checklist:

Reuse that bag for life

While it’s easy to assuage our guilt over single-use plastic by buying a bag for life, the reality is that these so-called saviours of the environment are actually making things worse. When you think about it, how many do you have in cupboards or at the back of a drawer? Research from the Environmental Investigation Agency and Greenpeace suggests it could be as many as 54, because 1.5 billion were sold in the UK last year, racking up a large number per household.

To make this climate-saving initiative work we need to get those bags for life out of the house and use them every time. Resist the urge to buy yet another one when you forget to take it with you. Even better, you could invest in a pretty little willow shopping basket to pick up groceries locally - chic and great for the planet.

Buy clothes that will last a lifetime

Photo credit: Unsplash/Hannah Morgan

Invest in long-lasting fashion

This year, make your resolutions about the planet and stop focusing on unattainable goals.

Instead of filling your wardrobe with lots of items that you’ll wear only a handful of times each, purchase pieces that will last. This means you can help to prevent the problems associated with fast fashion, including a vast amount of CO2 that is emitted during the manufacturing process.

The way to make this new ethos work is to invest in long-lasting pieces and not go out of style. Treat them like a well-loved friend and mend them over time instead of discarding them in favour of something else.

Hedgehog in the garden

Photo credit: Pixabay/Tomasz Proszek

Go wild in the garden

Having a well-groomed garden might make you the envy of the neighbours, but it’s exactly the opposite of what the local wildlife needs. Hedgehogs, butterflies and birds love nettles and dandelions and a lot of the stuff that gets tidied away regularly.

Leave at least one part of your garden growing wild to create homes for these beautiful creatures. An untamed patch of wildflowers is a great way to achieve this, keeping the bees happy and giving you something pretty to look at all at once.

Shop with Heyland & Whittle

At Heyland & Whittle we take our responsibilities to the environment very seriously. That means our Soaps are either palm oil-free or made using responsibly sourced palm oil. You can opt to have your Soap presented in beautiful fully-compostable packaging or simply wrapped in paper instead, for a minimal impact on the environment.

All of the boxes we send out with our mail order items are recyclable and we’ve even tackled the issue of that pesky tape too. It’s plastic-free, which means there’s absolutely nothing to feel guilty about in parcels of our wonderfully indulgent products.

To feel good about yourself and the environment this January, shop our full range here.