Reward your man for completing Movember

Image credit: g-stockstudio via iStock Every November, men across the world pledge to go without shaving their beards or moustaches for the whole month to raise money for charities committed to increasing awareness of men's health issues. Known as Movember, the month-long event has raised millions for research into prostate cancer, testicular cancer and male mental health issues since it began in 2004. It's certainly a very worthy cause, although it can mean a few prickly kisses for partners throughout the month! That first shave on the morning of December 1st - or seconds after the clock strikes midnight, if they really can't wait - can be a huge relief for Movember participants. While your man will have had your support and sponsorship throughout the month, you might decide that they deserve an extra treat for their efforts during November. Something to soothe their skin after that first shave would most definitely be welcome. Image credit: LesByerley via iStock For example, our Hemp & Walnut Soap Bar is perfect for after a shave. This handmade soap has a gorgeous musky, manly smell and it's packed with hemp oil, which is naturally nourishing and moisturising - just what your man needs after that first prickly post-Movember shave. The small pieces of walnut that it contains act as a natural exfoliator. After a month without shaving, dry skin can have built up underneath a beard, especially in the midst of winter, so scrubbing all of that away to leave the skin feeling beautifully smooth is essential. Image credit: AND-ONE via iStock For a more refreshing smell, our Seaweed Soap Bar is also wonderfully moisturising and nourishing thanks to its natural make-up, as seaweed is packed with vitamins, minerals and amino acids to rejuvenate the skin. Our To Beard or Not to Beard gift set features the Hemp & Walnut Soap Bar packaged in a box and was launched to commemorate the 400th anniversary of death of the owner of one of the world's most famous goatee beards, Shakespeare. The set also includes a book featuring some of the playwright's most famous lines, making this a fun little gift to reward your man after Movember.

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