Save the planet: Recycle your liquid soap bottles

Save the planet: Recycle your liquid soap bottles

We've all known for a long time that we need to be doing more to look after our planet - it's the only one we've got, after all.

However, Sir David Attenborough's most recent wildlife series, Blue Planet II, provided a real wake-up call for many of us, as heartbreaking footage was shown of the damage that our disposal of plastic waste is having on our oceans and marine wildlife.

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Sir David has since urged us all to limit our use of plastics, and we've since seen supermarkets pledge to introduce plastic-free aisles, people eliminating single-use plastics from their lives and pubs commit to banning plastic straws in flavour or paper ones.

At Heyland & Whittle, we pride ourselves on wrapping our handmade Soap Bars in recyclable paper, but you may have noticed that we are still packaging our Body Wash and Hand Wash products in plastic bottles.

We need to be doing more to look after our planet

But we don't view these as single-use plastics at all. All of the plastic bottles that we use are made from high-quality PET (polyethylene terephthalate), which has consistently been proven to be safe to use, and it's completely recyclable.

PET also provides you with a stronger, more robust bottle to house your soap, meaning you are guaranteed a much better experience than if you purchase a product that comes in a cheaply-made, non-recyclable bottle.

We trust that by investing in the Heyland & Whittle ethos of handmade, British-made products, our customers care about using soaps and washes that contain locally and sustainably-sourced ingredients, and want to do their bit for the planet in this way.

That's why we encourage everyone who purchases one of our liquid washes to recycle the bottle once it is empty, helping to prevent plastic waste from ending up in our oceans.

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The fragrances we use in our liquid soaps - which include Wild Lemongrass, Citrus & Lavender, Greentea & Grapefruit and Neroli & Rose - are all incredibly powerful, so only a small amount is needed each time, meaning the product will last a long time. This means that you won't need to replace your liquid wash regularly, minimising your use of plastics as a result.

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