School summer holidays survival guide

School summer holidays survival guide

Six weeks can feel like an awfully long time to keep energetic, seemingly inexhaustible children entertained during the summer break from school. The holidays are now in full swing, and it's likely that routines have already gone out of the window, you've already spent a small fortune on trips to soft play centres, and bribes to stay quiet are starting to be a frequent occurrence.

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Of course, not everyone is lucky enough to be at home with the kids for the whole break, but many of us take annual leave at this time of year to spend time with them. But with holiday prices soaring during August, a getaway isn't always feasible, so you can be left entertaining the children at home on a limited budget.

But this is possible - as is making some time for yourself during your precious time off - with our summer holiday survival tips:

Don't break the bank with your days out

Entertaining little ones doesn't have to be expensive. Instead of splashing out on costly trips to the zoo, aquarium or cinema, make the most of what's available for free or at a very low cost in your local area.

Head to your local park for a nature walk and some bramble picking, before making homemade jam back at home; go to a nearby beach for a day of old-fashioned bucket-and-spade fun; or consider joining an organisation like the National Trust or English Heritage to receive discounted family entry to stately homes and historic sites all across the UK. These sites often put on special activities for children during school holidays too, so there'll be plenty to keep them entertained.

Encourage learning and exploration

Kids' never-ending energy supplies can be exhausting while they're so excited to be off school, so it's important to keep them busy to try to tire them out as best as you can!

Encouraging them to channel their admirable curiosity into learning and exploring is one way to do this, keeping their brains active ready for their return to school in September.

Entertaining little ones doesn't have to be expensive

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For example, take them to the local library and encourage them to to take out non-fiction books on history, geography and other cultures; spend time together learning new skills, such as model-making or sewing; bake together to create precious memories as well as something tasty.

Remember to make time for yourself

It's important not to neglect yourself while you're channelling so much energy into entertaining little ones. If you do a good job of tiring them out during the day, you should be left with some quiet time to yourself in the evening, providing you with the perfect opportunity to relax and indulge in a little 'me time'.

A long soak in a hot both can be incredibly calming and rejuvenating after a busy day, especially if you take a good book in with you, and perhaps a glass of something sparkling too.

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