Shampoo Bars are your summer saviour

Shampoo Bars are your summer saviour

If you are going away on holiday this summer, then we need to let you into a little travel secret - Shampoo Bars. These handmade blocks packed full of scrumptious ingredients will not only leave your hair feeling wonderful, but will also allow you to say goodbye to a number of packing catastrophes.

Wave goodbye to overstuffed bags of liquids at security

No matter how much we try to prioritise our liquids there are always far too many to fit into the 20cm x 20cm plastic bag we are allowed in our carry-on luggage. Cue a last-minute reshuffle at security; begging our travel companions to house a bottle or two; and horror of horrors, the prospect of throwing out one of our beloved cosmetics.

Skip all of this with a solid Shampoo Bar that can be carried anywhere in your hand luggage, leaving more space for other items in your liquids pouch. The scent of essential oils, herbs and spices will smell all the sweeter when you lather it up for your hair at your destination knowing you outsmarted security with your handy little block of shampoo.

Pristine packed suitcase

Photo credit: Unsplash/Arnel Hasanovic

Good riddance to exploded shampoo bottles

Even if you have opted to check in a suitcase to go in the hold, the shampoo drama doesn’t necessarily end there. Anyone who travels regularly will have experienced that crushing moment when they open their case at the hotel and discovered their wardrobe for the next week is covered in shampoo from an exploded bottle.

Solid Shampoo Bars are the answer to all your holiday woes and we are convinced you will love them so much, you won’t want to leave home without one.

Not only does this make your clothes instantly unwearable, but in some cases it can mean certain fabrics are damaged forever. Not the perfect relaxing start to your holiday, but it can be easily avoided with a Hydrating Shampoo Bar.

Hello to a happy eco conscience

We’re all trying to find ways to cut down on our plastic waste and purchasing a Shampoo Bar is just one little contribution you can make. Opt to have it wrapped in paper at the checkout and you will be helping the environment even more.

Man washing his hair

Photo credit: Pixabay/Olichel Adamovich

Healthy hair and scalp

It’s all well and good beating security, avoiding calamitous explosions and helping the environment, but it’s only going to work if you like the final results and we are confident you will. Whether you opt for the Shampoo Bar for all the family or the specially-designed Hydrating Shampoo Bar for Men, you will find them both packed with ingredients your hair and scalp will love.

Olive oil and goats milk have been used in cleansing products for centuries and have stood the test of time. They will leave your hair feeling soft, clean and nourished, turning you into a Shampoo Bar convert at home, as well as when you’re travelling.

To revolutionise your holiday packing, pick up a Hydrating Shampoo Bar here and here.