Springtime skincare: Should the new season affect your routine?

Springtime skincare: Should the new season affect your routine?

May is underway and the sun is starting to shine much more. Now that spring is well and truly in the air, we can pack away our winter wardrobe and turn the heating off.

Of course, the new season also means you don't need to take as much care of your skin, right? 

You might think that now winter has passed, it means you can give up on some of your skincare routine that is designed to help protect your complexion from the harsh elements; however, this isn't the case.

While you may not need to use such heavy moisturisers now that the cold and rain isn't removing as much moisture from your skin, there are other steps you should be taking when it comes to maintaining your complexion.


Changing the type of moisturiser you use all of a sudden can actually upset your skin, especially if you've been using a heavier option throughout the winter.

Your skin produces the natural oils it needs to stay moisturised, which means that if you are putting lots of moisture into your skin, it will produce less oil. 

Suddenly switch to using a light moisturiser and you may find that your skin gets dry or that it overcompensates and creates more oil, leaving your face feeling greasy.

Rather than just changing your moisturiser, try using less of it every day. This means your skin is able to adjust slowly and won't start misbehaving. You'll then be in a better position to swap to a lighter day cream, although sticking to your usual night cream is a good idea.

It isn't just your face that will need moisturising either, you should ensure you're taking care of all your skin with our range of hand and body lotions.

Sun protection

While you may need less moisture during the spring and summer, you'll need more sun protection. Not only are the days clearer, meaning more sun exposure, but they are lighter for longer.

Add this to the fact that you'll probably be spending more time outside during the day and it means your skin is getting exposed to harmful UV rays.

Your skin still needs looking after during the warmer months

This is why you should use a day cream that contains SPF protection, as well as makeup - such as foundation - that includes sun protection.

Not only can this help prevent ageing, keep skin looking even and help it hold onto moisture better, it will also help protect you from skin cancer, which can be caused by UV rays.


Hot weather and the greater amount of dust that is in the air during spring and summer can leave your skin feeling grimy and your pores clogged. 

This means your skin tone can feel uneven and you're more prone to breakouts, not to mention the fact that your pores can seem larger.

To help alleviate these symptoms and to ensure your skin is fresh and clear, it is important to exfoliate regularly. While it is a good idea to exfoliate throughout the year, you may find that you need to do so more regularly during the warm months.

Usually, you only need to exfoliate once or twice a week; however, for the next few months you may find that you need to do so two or three times.

Choose a gentle natural face scrub - products with synthetic scrubbing beads can damage the skin - and gently spread it over damp skin in circular motions. Our Oatmeal and Spice Soap uses oats and poppy seeds to create a scrubby texture that is a great, light exfoliant for your skin. 

It is also a good idea to exfoliate at night to allow your skin time to rejuvenate itself and mattify while you sleep. 

For a really effective exfoliating treatment for your body, try our Exfoliating Sisal Bag. This contains a mix of our traditional soaps to cleanse your skin while the bag itself is ideal for having a good scrub. 

Drink plenty of water

Not only is drinking water throughout the day important for your overall health, it also keeps skin moisturised from the inside and flushes out toxins.

This can help your skin stay clear and look youthful no matter what the season, but it is even more important during warm weather.

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