Sunday soak: How can baths get you ready for the week?

Sunday soak: How can baths get you ready for the week?

We all know that there's nothing quite like a good bath for helping you to feel relaxed and to wash away all your stress. Whether you like to fit as many baths into your week as possible or tend to just have one every now and then, it's time to start thinking about enjoying one every Sunday.

Having a bath on Sunday before you go back to work on Monday morning can really set you up for the week and ensure you are ready to face whatever the next few days have to throw at you. Don't believe us? Here are some reasons that Sunday soaks are definitely the best way to get ready for work:

You'll be in a better mood

Laying back in a horizontal position while in water actually helps to put you in a better mood and can make you feel more optimistic about the week ahead. Your body automatically relaxes when you're lying down, which in turn helps your mind to de-stress. Combine this with the warmth and gentle movements and sound of the water, and you'll be ready and willing to deal with anything.

Reduces muscle tension and pain

We all carry tension in our muscles differently, but there is bound to be one area of your body that gets incredibly tense and may even cause you pain. You may find that your tension eases as you get to the end of Friday but then starts to return as Sunday draws to a close and you know you go back to work soon.

There's nothing quite like a good bath for helping you to feel relaxed

Having a bath on a Sunday, especially in the evening, can help to relieve tension in your muscles and help them to relax more. Not only will this trigger deeper relaxation physically and mentally, it will also reduce any pain. While it's no guarantee that your tension won't return during the week, at least you aren't starting Monday with loads of muscular knots. 

You'll sleep better

Running yourself a nice hot bath in the evening will promote better sleep, which can be a blessing when you're starting to worry about everything you need to deal with at work on Monday. When you feel relaxed and warm, your body and mind will fall quicker into sleep.

Not only is sleep important for your health, but not getting enough can instantly make you feel stressed, as well as tired. You then spend the rest of the week feeling more tired as you try and catch up on lost sleep. Having a Sunday evening bath will ease all of this and help you feel refreshed when your alarm sounds on Monday morning.

It's 'you' time

Having a bath is a great way to just be in the moment and not think about anything else that you need to do. Everyone needs some me time, and a Sunday night bath is the perfect way to get it.

Whether you enjoy reading in the bath, enjoy a glass of wine while you soak or simply like to lean back and close your eyes, an hour or so in the bath will stop you from stressing over work, feel relaxed and just enjoy having a few moments of peace. You'll be amazed at what a difference this can make to your working week.

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