The benefits of beeswax for your skin

The benefits of beeswax for your skin

We use a lot of great ingredients in our products. Everything we put into the home and beauty items we make is specially selected to ensure you get great results while being gentle and as natural as possible. This is why we use beeswax in our range of hand creams

Our hand creams have been formulated to be suitable for sensitive skin, moisturising, conditioning and soothing. Beeswax is an important part of this and we don't think our hand creams would be the same without it.

Here's why we use this lovely ingredient in our products:

Locks in hydration

Some hand creams leave your skin feeling dry again in no time at all, meaning you constantly have to use more and more of the product to get the result you want. Not only is this not practical, it can also get quite expensive.

Beeswax helps you avoid this as it forms a protective layer on the surface of your skin, which functions by keeping the moisture in while still allowing your skin to breathe. This leaves your skin feeling soft and supple all day, without having to re-apply hand cream. It is also a humectant, which means it actually attracts water to the skin adding more hydration throughout the day.

You'll also find that it keeps your skin feeling better during cold and wet weather, which means a hand cream with beeswax in it is ideal for winter.

Soothes irritation

Not only will beeswax keep your skin healthy by keeping it moisturised, it also helps to soothe irritated skin, making it feel better and promoting healing. If you have skin problems like rosacea and eczema, beeswax can be incredibly beneficial when it comes to calming them down and reducing redness, due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

We use a lot of great ingredients in our products

As well as reducing the appearance of skin conditions and complaints, beeswax helps to stop itching, which can be incredibly distracting and irritating. The soothing feel of beeswax on your skin can provide relief and mean that you don't scratch your skin, which can make them worse.

As colder and wetter weather can make these conditions flair up, using products that contain beeswax can add an extra layer of protection that could hugely benefit your skin.

Promotes healing

Beeswax also has anti-allergenic and anti-germicidal effects, meaning it can help allergic reactions, burns, small cuts and scrapes. The protective layer it forms stops dirt and bacteria entering the wounds, helping you avoid infection.

It is high in vitamin A too, which helps to promote cell regeneration, meaning your skin can heal faster, further reducing the risk of complications and decrease pain. Using beeswax products even after a cut has healed may also help to reduce scarring.

Natural fragrance

As well as being hugely beneficial for your skin, beeswax also smells great and adds a lovely depth to the scents of products. It helps the fragrance stay on your skin for longer, which means you get to enjoy it throughout the day without having to reapply.

Beeswax will help you enjoy our Neroli and Rose, Citrus and Lavender, and Greentea and Grapefruit scents for longer when you use our hand creams, allowing you to make the most of your favourite.

While the scent of beeswax isn't strong, it adds a lovely honey sweetness to products that you can't get through chemical alternatives.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of beeswax, shop our range of hand creams here