The ultimate Heyland & Whittle Christmas gift guide 2017

The ultimate Heyland & Whittle Christmas gift guide 2017

December is upon us, which means it's time to get serious about the Christmas shopping. It can be pretty daunting trying to work out what to get everyone on your list when it's written out in front of you, but there's no need to stress. Instead, take a deep breath and read our ultimate Heyland & Whittle Christmas gift guide. We've got the perfect gift for everyone covered - yep, even that old auntie you'd forgotten about.

For your mum

The harsh, cold weather means that everybody's hands suffer a little during the winter months, but this can especially be the case for older people whose skin isn't as smooth as it once was.

Keeping hands moisturised can help to prevent the skin from becoming cracked and sore over the winter, so a selection of Hand Creams from our collection would make the perfect gift for your mum this Christmas.

Our Citrus & Lavender Hand Cream, Greentea & Grapefruit Hand Cream and Neroli & Rose Hand Cream all smell gorgeously floral and will keep your mum's hands feeling nourished and looking youthful throughout the winter. They're small enough to fit inside a handbag too, so her hands can stay moisturised at all times.

For the leading man in your life

Men can be tricky to buy for at Christmas. But getting them something they can pamper themselves with is a great way to show that you care for them and want them to indulge themselves occasionally.

Our Hemp & Walnut Soap Brick - which is packed with naturally nourishing hemp oil and naturally exfoliating pieces of walnut - is an ideal post-shaving soap, as it keeps the skin moisturised and feeling smooth, with an irresistible musky smell.

Most men are unlikely to keep themselves stocked up with nice-smelling soap, so buying a brick instead of a bar means the gift will last much longer, and you're essentially getting 14 bars for the price of ten.

For your friend who loves prosecco

Your prosecco-obsessed friend is probably going to get enough bottles of fizz for Christmas, so why not buy her something themed around her favourite tipple instead?

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Our Clementine & Prosecco Reed Diffuser smells festive yet fresh, thanks to its notes of sparkling wine, citrus, peach and yellow apple - it'll leave her home smelling like prosecco long after the Christmas party season is over.

For the fussy teenager

Teenage girls are incredibly hard to buy for, as their tastes can change quicker than you can keep up. Popping our Bath Melts in a Bag in their stocking could win you some serious 'cool parent' points though.

We've got the perfect gift for everyone covered

With one cornflower, one marigold and one rose-scented melt, all with a cocoa and shea butter base and real dried petals, these will melt beautifully in their bath, help them to chill out, leave them smelling beautiful and look especially gorgeous on their Instagram feed.

For the foodie

You can never be quite sure which cookbooks a foodie already has, and they've probably got enough pans and baking equipment already. But a quirky food-themed present, like one of our Candles in a Can, is sure to go down a treat.

These look like tins of food, but instead of beans or spaghetti hoops, they contain handmade scented candles, with fragrances ranging from sweet Pineapple and Vanilla Custard to fresh Garden Pea and tangy Black Olive.

For your mother-in-law

The mother-in-law can be another tricky one to impress. However, one of our small hampers will show that you really do wish her well this Christmas - no matter what silly thoughts she might have got into her head.

A small Heyland & Whittle hamper comprises a white wicker basket containing a Citrus & Lavender Candle in a Tin, 3 Shea Butter Bath Melts, a Greentea & Grapefruit Reed Diffuser, a Neroli & Rose Body Wash and a Neroli & Rose Body Lotion.

For your office Secret Santa

Pulled someone you don't really know out of the office Secret Santa hat and unsure what you can buy them for under a fiver? Our mini handmade soaps are an ideal solution - you can't go wrong with something that smells this good.

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If you've pulled out a man's name, go for a neutral but incredibly refreshing Herbal Mint Mini Soap Bar; if it's a woman, go for something floral, like Jasmine & Lilac, or our majestic Queen of the Nile fragrance.

For the neighbours

It can be difficult to have any idea whether your neighbours will buy something for you or not at Christmas - especially if they've just moved in. Giving them a small gift set featuring some smellies and something for their home would be a lovely gesture though, with our votive candle and soap bar sets in our Frankincense, Myrrh or Winter Spice scents a great Christmas-themed gift that isn't too flashy - so you needn't feel too awkward if they haven't got you anything in return!

For the auntie you forgot about

If you've got a big family and aren't too sure which relatives and their potential plus ones are going to be visiting you over the Christmas season, it pays to have a few 'spare presents' in the cupboard, just in case, so that no one has to feel left out.

Our Candles in a Tin, which are available in the three festive scents that comprise this year's Celebration Collection and a variety of other beautiful fragrances, are easy enough to store, and if you don't end up giving them away, you've got an extra little gift from you to you.

So there you have it, our ultimate 2017 Christmas gift-buying guide. If we've missed off the person you're struggling to choose a present for, remember that there's so much more available on our website.

This is just a snapshot of the gifts we've got on offer this Christmas. Explore our full range of present ideas here