The ultimate Mother’s Day gift guide

The ultimate Mother's Day gift guide

Mother's Day (March 26th) is on its way, meaning you need to start thinking about how you're going to thank your mum for all she does for you. Whether you celebrate with your mum, step-mum or someone you really love, the day is the ideal way to show them how much you appreciate them.

As well as spending the day together, or at least giving them a call if you live quite far away, getting a gift will help show her how special she is to you. Although your mum will probably try saying that she doesn't want anything or that a card will do, we all know that she really appreciates a little something on Mothering Sunday.

Rather than a box of chocolates or bunch of flowers - although you can gift these too if you want to totally spoil her - why not treat her to something she wouldn't often buy herself? We've got a great range of presents that are perfect for Mother's Day and will help to pamper your mum.

Here's our ultimate gift guide for Mothering Sunday so you can totally spoil your mum:

For the mum who deserves to relax

If your mum is always on the go, giving her something that is the perfect excuse for her to sit back and unwind is a great way to go. Giving a gift that means she can take some time to herself will ensure she doesn't overdo it, especially as she won't want to let your present go to waste.

With this in mind, our new Mother's Day Gift Box could be the ideal option this Mothering Sunday. The pretty gift contains two bath melts and a soap bar and heart soap in our new Lily and Ylang Ylang scent, which we created especially for mums who need a treat.

The bath melts create wonderfully soft and moisturising bath water, while also releasing petals to float on top. Our soaps are handmade using the finest natural ingredients and will give your mum a little pamper each time she uses them.

Alternatively, give her an excuse for even more baths with our beautiful Neroli and Rose Bath Set, which includes luxury foam bath in one of our best-selling fragrances, two bars of soap and four bath melts. This will give her plenty of reasons to take some time to herself.

For the mum who likes practical gifts

Why not treat your mum to something she wouldn't often buy herself?

As much as we might like to get our mums something pretty on March 26th, some mums prefer something a little more practical. While they may appreciate something pampering and relaxing, it will probably make them wonder when they'll actually get a chance to use it. 

This is why something like our Mother's Day Soap Gift could be a great option. The gift includes ten small bars of our handmade traditional soap, ranging from fresh and fruity to herbal and floral, giving a great range of fragrances.

It comes with a menu card so your mum will know which is which, while each of the soaps contains only natural ingredients and can be used on face, hands and body. Whether your mum is a fan of gardening, can't be bothered with lots of cosmetics or just appreciates products that are versatile, she's sure to love this.

If you already know that she likes our traditional soaps, give her a slightly larger collection with our Classic Soap Presentation Box. This gift includes full-sized bars of some of our best-selling traditional soap that will keep your mum going until next Mother's Day.

For the mum who likes quiet evenings

So your mum likes to pour herself a glass of wine and put her feet up in the evenings? Rather than just grabbing her a bottle of her favourite - although you can do that as well - you can give her something that will make her evenings even more relaxing.

Not only do our soy wax candles smell amazing, candlelight has been found to help you relax, which means a gift containing a candle could be the ultimate choice. Our Citrus and Lavender Candle and Bath gift set contains everything your mum needs for a relaxing soak, including a votive candle that she can enjoy every evening. 

Alternatively, you can treat her to a candle from our Classic, Home or H&W London ranges, which feature a range of great scents so you can find one that really suits her. You could even team this with a matching reed diffuser to allow her to enjoy the fragrance you pick during the day, as well as at night.

For the mum you really want to spoil

Of course, you might want to give your mum a great selection of everything, from pampering to practical gifts. This will give her a great range of things to try that she probably won't buy for herself, while also ensuring she has enough treats to remind her how much you love her every day between now and next Mother's Day.

To do this, you can't beat one of our brilliant hampers. We have three different hampers - small, medium and large - each of which includes some of our best-selling scents and products. Every hamper has a mix of home fragrance and beauty products too, meaning she's sure to find something she really loves. What better way to treat your mum this Mothering Sunday?

To show your mum how much she means to you this March 26th, shop our full range of new Mother's Day gifts here