Top five ideas for a relaxing night in

Top five ideas for a relaxing night in

With the Christmas period almost upon us, everyone is talking about the parties and special events they're going to, whether it's an office Christmas party or a get-together with friends down at the local pub.

However, we know lots of you will already have had your 'works do' - and you're probably trying to save yourself for the week ahead in terms of late nights and over-indulging in festive fare.

With that in mind, we thought we'd put together our best ideas for relaxing and enjoying a night in this December, complete with pampering tips that will help you forget any last-minute stress and allow you to recharge your batteries ready for the big day.

Just stick to these top five tips:

1.    Start with a nice, hot bath

A hot bath is the perfect way of enjoying 'me time', so set aside an hour and draw one complete with plenty of bubbles (or scented oils if you prefer) - H&W's citrus and lavender fragrance is ideal for relaxation. When you've finished, let the water go and visualise all of your worries and stress going down the plug-hole with it. Empty your mind completely (or as much as possible, at least!). Finally, slick on some rich moisturising body lotion to treat your skin and protect it from the elements and drying effect of central heating.

2.    Don't get dressed - opt for loungewear

Staying in is the new going out - or it will be once you try these top relaxation tips.

Banish any thoughts of answering the door and forget getting dressed in your usual clothes for the time being - tonight is for loungewear, pyjamas and anything else that's cosy and loose-fitting. Layer up in fleecy dressing gowns if you feel the cold, but don't give in to the urge to put your daywear back on, no matter how odd it seems at first. You'll soon get used to it, plus there's something about pyjamas and comfy clothes that helps the mind to relax.

3.    Choose a spot and create the ambience

You can spend your night in anywhere you like, from the comfiest chair in the living room to your bed, but setting the mood is essential. Avoid bright overhead lights in favour of lamps and candles (although remember to keep the latter away from bedsheets - place them on a flat surface where they won't be disturbed instead). We really like to create candlescapes for relaxation, which is where you cluster candles of different sizes - like our votives surrounding a candle in a glass - in the same area to mix the scents and enjoy the flames bobbing around at different heights.

4.    Make a hot drink

You can't have a night in without a soothing hot drink, so choose yours and take it to your chosen spot ready to relax. Hot chocolate, warm milk and herbal teas are best - generally anything that will calm your nerves as opposed to hyping you up like coffee or strong tea would. This also has the benefit of helping you to sleep afterwards, which continues your relaxation even after you think you've finished.

5.    Do whatever you like

Since this is your night in, feel free to choose how you pass the time - although it's probably best to do something you don't usually have time for. Listen to that CD you've never heard all the way through (as long as it's not over-stimulating), read a novel and really get stuck in to the story, do some sketching, watch a film - the options are endless. Just enjoy your own company and the luxury of free time.

We all love the hustle and bustle of Christmas, but everyone needs a quiet night of rest at this time of year. Why not try our tips and come up with some of your own if you like? You can then make this something you continue well into the new year as a means of boosting your wellbeing.