What are the benefits of cold baths and showers?

What are the benefits of cold baths and showers?

In the heat of summer, hopping into a hot shower or soaking in a warm bath can be a bit much. If you're already overheating, this is the last thing you need when the day is boiling. 

This doesn't mean you have to give up on having a proper pamper though, as you can still enjoy a long shower or fragrant bath at a lower temperature. Not only does this ensure you can still do something you enjoy, cold baths and showers can actually mean you experience other benefits too.

Here's what a cool bath or shower can do for you:

Make you feel awake

We all know that warm baths and hot showers can make you feel sleepy and sunny weather can have the same result. This means it can be hard to get going in summer as your brain feels a bit foggy.

Luckily, a cold bath or shower - or at least a much cooler one than you would have normally - can help you banish groggy moods and make you feel more alert. The temperature will wash out the cobwebs and ensure you're awake and ready for anything throughout the day.

You can make yourself feel even more alert by teaming your bath or shower with a fresh and fruity fragrance. Our Green Tea and Grapefruit beauty products offer deep cleansing, while the scent will invigorate you.

Better hair and skin

Washing your skin and hair in water that is too hot can actually damage how it looks and feels. This is because hot water can actually strip them both of more natural oils, which can result in dryness and leave hair looking dull.

However, washing your skin and face in cool water can reduce the damage you do to them. You'll be left with clearer, more balanced skin that has smaller pores, as well as strong and healthy hair that is less prone to shedding.

Cold baths and showers can actually mean you experience a number of benefits

You can increase the benefits for your skin by using our Traditional Soaps, which use all natural ingredients to create a gentle lather that is suitable for face, hands and body.

Burns more energy

If you're trying to lose weight or tone up this summer, cold baths or showers could help you achieve your goals. Your body contains two different types of fat, white and brown. While white is bad, brown is good as it helps to keep your body warm.

A cold bath or shower stimulates this fat as your body works harder and burns more energy in order to regulate your temperature. This means you get through more calories than you would when having a hot bath or shower, helping to get rid of white fat. 

You'll still have to exercise regularly and watch what you eat, but a cold bath or shower could help you achieve your goals.

Improve immunity

While you may not be worried about getting a cold during the summer months, it is a good idea to take steps to improve your immunity ready for winter. Cold baths and showers can do this as having them on a regular basis can mean you develop more white blood cells, which are important for fighting disease.

This could mean that cold baths and showers in the summer can set you up for staying healthier during autumn and winter, which is good news if you usually get stuck dealing with the flu!

Improves physical recovery

If you're doing more exercise or generally being more active during the summer months, a cold bath or shower can help with that too. Athletes use ice baths to recover after training - or in the case of Andy Murray, after a tennis match - because the low temperatures help to improve circulation. This leads to faster muscle recovery so you won't feel achy and tired afterwards.

We're not suggesting that you fill a bathtub with ice, but lowering the temperature and having a good soak after a workout or a particularly active day could help avoid all those aches and pains that follow physical exertion. If you also use our Citrus and Lavender beauty products, you'll be left feeling mentally rejuvenated too.

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