What you need to know about exfoliating your skin

What you need to know about exfoliating your skin

Everybody knows that a good routine and the right products are important when it comes to looking after your skin. Not cleansing and moisturising regularly or using the wrong products can play havoc with your complexion, resulting in spots or dry patches. This is why exfoliation is also vital for keeping your skin healthy.
However, it isn't just too little exfoliation that can affect your skin, as scrubbing too often can also pose problems. Understanding how best to exfoliate and look after your skin when you have will ensure it continues to look its best and feel amazing.
With this in mind, here's what everyone should know and bear in mind when it comes to exfoliating your skin:

Daily scrubbing is a no-no

No one should be exfoliating on a daily basis as this can actually damage your skin. Scrubbing too often will strip away the natural oils produced by your skin, which it needs to balance itself. This means that you may find your skin gets too dry or too oily as it tries to deal with the lost oil.
On top of this, daily exfoliation can actually stretch your pores so they look more visible and become clogged much more easily, resulting in blackheads and spots. When you couple this with how fragile the skin can feel due to the fact you aren't giving the cells enough time to renew, it can mean your complexion doesn't look great and you’ll be left with painful areas.
Ideally, you should only need to exfoliate twice a week, although everyone's skin is different so you should see what your skin needs. Scrub at night to allow the skin to repair itself while you sleep and wake up to a bright complexion.

Follow up with moisturiser

Knowing how best to exfoliate can care for your skin

While exfoliating every other day or less won't remove too many oils from your skin, it is still quite a harsh treatment for your complexion. This is why it is important to moisturise after exfoliating to replace lost moisture and soothe your skin.
Whether you exfoliate your face or body, use a moisturiser or Body Lotion afterwards to lock in more moisture while your skin finds its balance again. Failing to do this can leave your skin feeling dry or oily, neither of which are great options.  

Easy does it

If you're using an exfoliating product - such as our new Body Scrubs - these contain enough scrubbing ingredients to do the job well. This means you don't need to scrub your face really hard to get the best result. 
You should use gentle circular motions to exfoliate your face without leaving it feeling sore and sensitive. Scrubbing hard can damage the skin, stretch pores and generally just leave your face and body feeling sensitive. 
While you can expect a little bit of redness following exfoliation, this shouldn't be extreme and should fade after a short amount of time. If your skin stays red for a while, you're scrubbing too hard.

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