Which scent is right for your mum?

Which scent is right for your mum?

Finding the perfect gift for your mum on Mother's Day can be quite difficult, even if you have a good idea of what she would like. You want to get her something that she wouldn't necessarily treat herself to but that she'll really like, which is often easier said than done.

Whether your mum is a fan of room fragrance, loves her lotions and potions or simply enjoys a nice relaxing soak, we've got the perfect gifts. But how do you know which fragrance your mum will like best?

We've got some great tips to help you work out what scent is right for your mum this Mothering Sunday.

Floral scents

Floral scents are a great classic option and are often a go-to choice when people aren't entirely sure what fragrance someone will like. They offer a light, feminine touch that is reminiscent of spring and can make a home smell lovely and fresh.

If your mum is a fan of gardening, fresh flowers and floral patterns, there is every chance she'll love a matching fragrance.

Our Neroli and Rose scent is a lovely fresh option that combines beautiful rose with citrus notes in a really lovely way. It is a great choice if you think your mum would like a floral fragrance but aren't sure which is really her as rose is always beautiful and works in candles and beauty products.

For a slightly stronger floral scent that smells like a bright spring garden, pick Jasmine and Lilac. This will add a springtime touch to any room as is available in reed diffusers, candles and even traditional soap.

Sweet fragrances

Another really popular choice is sweet scents, which are ideal for those who have a bit of a sweet tooth. If your mum enjoys her chocolate or desserts, a sweet fragrance could be the ideal option.

We've got some great tips to help you work out what scent is right for your mum this Mothering Sunday

There are lots of different types of sweet scents available, from fresh to floral or fruity, which can make it a little difficult to find the right one for your mum. This is why it can be a good idea to have a sniff of some products she already has to find the right option.

Our Coconut, Vanilla and Blackpepper fragrance is a great option for those who love sweet things. The coconut and vanilla blend is a great traditional option, while the black pepper stops it from being sickly.

You also can't go wrong with our best-selling Clementine and Prosecco scent, which combines beautifully fresh citrus notes with sweet and sparkling wine fragrances. We think it's the ideal choice for celebrating, so why not treat your mum to products in this scent?

Fabulously fresh

For mums that love the great outdoors and beautiful citrus smells, our range of fresh fragrances could offer a choice that she'll love on Mother's Day. This is also a good option if you aren't entirely sure what your mum will like, as fresh scents are great all-rounders.

One of our most popular choices within our selection of fresh fragrances is Greentea and Grapefruit, which combines the beautiful citrus notes of fresh grapefruit with the earthy, green scent of tea leaves. Available in a reed diffuser, Greentea and Grapefruit is a lovely way to scent your home all day long. 

Of course, fresh scents don't need to be citrusy, they can also be like a breath of fresh air. The Sennen fragrance we created with Seasalt Cornwall is just that and will remind your mum of coastal walks, bringing the outside in.

It combines citrus, floral, herby and woody notes to create a unique blend that perfectly captures the scent of the sea breeze.

To help you find the perfect Mother's Day gift, have a look at the different fragrances we offer here.