Why Heyland & Whittle only uses natural soap colourings

Why Heyland & Whittle only uses natural soap colourings

At Heyland & Whittle, we know our customers don't just love the smell and feel of our soaps, but also how they look, and a big part of that is their colour. We tend to buy with our eyes, so if we see a beauty product that's a gorgeous golden colour of a beautiful soft pink, it's likely to catch our attention much more than a plain-looking alternative.

We only ever use natural ingredients in our soaps, and that philosophy doesn't stop with the colouring. We don't use any chemicals in our products, instead choosing to colour them with natural components like herbs and spices. So, what are the benefits of doing this?

Natural colourings used by H&W

There are a whole host of natural colourings that the H&W team uses, including cayenne, seaweed, madder root, nettle leaves, turmeric and walnut leaves.

You'll find cayenne in our Oatmeal & Spice Soap Bar, which gives it a gorgeous burnt orange hue and is incredibly stimulating for the skin.

Seaweed can of course be found in our Seaweed Soap Bar - it's this natural ingredient that provides it with such a vibrant sea-green colour. Seaweed is naturally packed with vitamins and minerals that are great for your skin, with all of that natural goodness being incredibly nourishing and moisturising for dry areas.

Meanwhile, turmeric can be found in our Citrus Grove Soap Bar, providing it with a lovely bright yellow-orange colour that complements the natural citrus, olive and coconut oils it contains perfectly.

Why natural colourings are better for your skin

There are a whole host of natural colourings that the H&W team uses

Natural colourings tend to be much kinder to your skin than artificially-manufactured dyes and are especially beneficial for people with sensitive skin. They're not as harsh and abrasive on your skin, making them a much gentler alternative to mass-produced products.

Many of the natural ingredients that we use in our soap bars and bricks are there to moisturise and soothe your skin, so you be assured that they will be incredibly gentle.

This tends to be a particular concern in the autumn and winter months when the harsher weather can leave skin feeling dry, cracked and sore, so feed your skin with our Queen of the Nile Soap Bar at this time of year. It features coconut oil, goat's milk and cocoa butter, which are all incredibly nourishing for your skin, and gets its lovely pink colour from the natural floral ingredients it contains.

Natural colourings are also better for the environment

Using natural colourings in our products isn't just good for your skin, but also the environment - both in your home, and out in the wider world.

At home, natural colourings won't leave behind a residue stain on your bathroom sink or inside your bath or shower, unlike some chemical-based products.

What's more, using natural ingredients means our soap-making process doesn't omit as many harmful fumes as the average factory. This means you can enjoy the knowledge that your H&W products aren't causing any harm to the wider environment - another bonus!

Did we mention that all of our soap bars are handmade too? View the full range here