Why is moisturising so important?

Why is moisturising so important?

Looking after your skin is easier said than done. So many different things, from the products you use to the foods you eat and your environment, can affect how your skin looks and feels. However, one of the biggest things that has an effect on your complexion is your skin's moisture levels.

Moisturising your skin each time you wash it is hugely important and will ensure it looks and feels great at all times. Failing to do this can cause a number of issues that are then difficult to deal with.

If you think that skipping moisturising your face and body every now and then isn't all that bad, here's why you might want to rethink:

You'll avoid common skin complaints

Moisturising helps your skin to maintain its balance, ensuring it doesn't produce too much or too little oil. This can help you avoid things like spots, flaky skin and red patches, all of which can be difficult to deal with once they pop up. 

Using the right moisturiser for skin will ensure it is only producing the oil that it needs, which stops it drying out or getting too oily. However, stopping moisturising or skipping a day can throw this balance out, so make sure you stick to a routine.

Protects your skin

Using face and body moisturisers helps to protect the skin and stop it feeling fragile. Locking moisture into all the layers of your skin keeps it healthy and less prone to damage from your environment.

Looking after your skin is easier said than done

If you do hurt yourself, such as a scratch or cut, healthy skin heals much faster and is less likely to leave a permanent mark. This is because your skin isn't having to work overtime everyday so it can focus on healing and fighting infection.

It is a good idea, therefore, to use other products that help moisturise the skin as well as creams. Our traditional soap bars can be used on hands, body and face, helping to leave skin feeling smooth and moisturised due to the different natural oils they contain.

Fights the signs of ageing

You may have heard that this new ingredient or that natural extract is the best for keeping wrinkles at bay, but in truth, the best way to fight the signs of ageing is to moisturise. Lotions and creams actually help to firm and plump up your skin, which is why it feels healthier straight after applying them.

Moisturiser helps to improve the production of collagen in the skin - the loss of which results in wrinkles and sagging - as well as plumping up each layer. This is why those who moisturise seem to age at a much slower rate than those who don't.

As well as facial moisturiser, make sure you're also using body lotion regularly to fight the signs of ageing elsewhere.

Replaces lost moisture

Moisturising is an important part of replacing the moisture lost from your skin on a day to day basis. Cold and hot weather, rain and even baths and showers all strip moisture from your skin by removing natural oils. 

Simply popping some moisturiser on every day will stop every day taking a toll on your skin and protect it from daily stresses. This ensures it continues to look and feel great, no matter what gets thrown at it.

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