Why is tea tree oil so good for your skin?

Why is tea tree oil so good for your skin?

If you've got a weakness for health and beauty products, it's likely that you own at least one lotion that contains tea tree oil.

Tea tree has a very distinctive natural herbal smell, which makes it an incredibly refreshing ingredient in soaps and body washes, but it also has a whole host of benefits for your skin that you might not know about.

Where does tea tree oil come from?

Tea tree oil is found naturally in the leaves of the Melaleuca alternifolia plant, which is native to Australia. The story goes that the 18th century explorer Captain James Cook gave the oil its name, after brewing a tea from the plant's leaves. Its medicinal properties were then widely explored, with many hailing its healing benefits for wounds and skin conditions after discovering that it was a natural antiseptic.

What benefits does tea tree have for the skin?

Aside from helping to prevent cuts and other small wounds from becoming infected thanks to its natural healing properties, tea tree oil can also help to protect your skin from bacterial and fungal infections. Using our Tea Tree Soap Bar as part of your morning routine will help to provide you with these benefits, as well as leaving your skin smelling beautifully fresh.

If you suffer from a dermatological condition such as acne, eczema or psoriasis, a tea tree oil-based soap can help to soothe your skin, with our soap bar designed to be kind and gentle to any problem areas.

Tea tree has also been found to be an effective treatment for fungal infections like athlete's foot and to soothe chickenpox in sufferers of all ages. Taking a bath with a few drops of essential tea tree oil can provide a little welcome relief from the frustrating itching of chickenpox.

A tea tree oil-based soap can help to soothe your skin

The appearance of warts can also be lessened by applying a small amount of tea tree oil. Simply rub a little of the essential oil on to warts before you go to sleep and wrap the affected area in a bandage overnight. Remove the dressing in the morning and repeat the process over the next few weeks until the wart falls off by itself or is clearly reduced in size. A similar nightly routine can also help with unsightly boils.

What's more, tea tree oil has proven to be effective at reducing the appearance of scars and for treating fungal nail infections - its benefits are seemingly endless, so it's certainly worth adding a tea tree-based product into your beauty routine.

Which skin types is tea tree oil best for?

Products containing tea tree oil can be beneficial for all skin types, but are especially beneficial if you suffer from problem skin. If you suffer from a dermatological condition, tea tree can be particularly soothing for your skin, so make sure you've got a good-sized supply to see you through any problem periods with our Brick of Tea Tree Soap.

If your skin is oily, using tea tree-based products on your face and body can help to prevent acne from developing, as this is a huge risk factor with this skin type.

It's not just your skin that tea tree oil can benefit, with research finding that washing your hair with a few drops of the essential oil or using a tea tree-based shampoo or conditioner can help to reduce the appearance of dandruff and potentially leave your hair looking shinier and thicker.

Overall, tea tree oil is incredibly cleansing, wherever you're using it. If you're lucky enough to have problem-free skin, products that use it as an ingredient will still leave you feeling and smelling gloriously refreshed.

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