Why oatmeal makes a great natural exfoliator

Why oatmeal makes a great natural exfoliator

Have you been watching Netflix hit show Queer Eye? The series is a revamped version of early noughties programme Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, and sees 'the Fab Five' - Jonathan, Antoni, Bobby, Tan and Karamo - provide one man with a much-needed makeover each week.

The Fab Five show the men how to better groom their hair, how to eat better, how to dress more stylishly for their body shape and help them to become a little more cultured too. Skincare tends to be one of Jonathan's key focuses, and he often shows the men how to get rid of dry skin and refresh their complexions with a little help from a homemade facemask, of which oatmeal is regularly a key ingredient.

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Of course, this isn't the first time that oatmeal has been used in facemasks, but we've been reminded of the power of the humble foodstuff thanks to the Queer Eye gang.

But what exactly is it that makes oatmeal such a brilliant natural exfoliator, and how can you achieve the same benefits that Jonathan miraculously gets yourself at home?

Oatmeal: Naturally exfoliating

The slightly coarse texture of oats makes them an effective natural exfoliator and a good ingredient for getting rid of dead or dry skin. Mixed with a little water or milk, the oats become softer, and more like the oatmeal or porridge that we're familiar with at breakfast time.

We've been reminded of the power of the humble foodstuff

Applying oatmeal paste to the skin is therefore moisturising as well as exfoliating, which is ideal for giving the skin a natural, rejuvenated glow - everything you want from a good scrub or facemask.

These are exactly the results that we strive for with our natural Body Scrubs here at Heyland & Whittle. Made from bamboo and sea salt, they exfoliate the skin while providing it with essential nourishment at the same time, and with fragrances like Neroli & Rose and Greentea & Grapefruit to choose from, they smell fabulous too.

We use sea salt in our Body Scrubs because it washes down the drain easily without putting anything clogging or harmful into your household plumbing system once you're buffed and polished, so do be mindful when using oatmeal that you place a small cup or sieve in the sink to catch any gloopy oats to prevent them from going down the drain.

Make your own oatmeal facemask

While you're waiting for your Heyland & Whittle Body Scrub to arrive in the post, you might like to treat your skin to an exfoliating session using the ingredients in your kitchen cupboard to get rid of excess dry skin before going in with your luxurious fragranced skincare product.

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You can simply combine porridge oats with a little water or milk to create a paste that can be spread onto your face, or you could aim for a silkier effect by mixing your oats with warm water, a little Greek yoghurt, a drizzle of honey and an egg white from a small egg too.

This will create an even smoother mask that's designed to leave your face beautifully glowing and smooth - and all that from breakfast ingredients you've most likely already got in!

Treat yourself to a luxurious exfoliator from the Heyland & Whittle collection. Browse our range of Body Scrubs here