Why we use lavender in our products

Why we use lavender in our products

When it comes to classic fragrances, lavender is one of the most iconic. This beautiful floral scent has been used for years in everything from perfume to candles, creating unmistakable scents that are instantly recognisable.

As a fragrance, lavender is incredibly versatile; working with citrus notes - as shown by our Citrus and Lavender range - other floral tones or sweet scents. 

However, there is a lot more to lavender than just a beautiful fragrance. This amazing plant has a lot of benefits that make it one of the most powerful products in the beauty world.

So exactly why do we use lavender in our products?

Relaxation and stress relief

You might think that it's an old wives' tale that lavender helps you to relax, but it really is true. It has been found that the smell of lavender helps to reduce heart rate and cut blood pressure, which can have the effect of physical relaxation.

You'll find that the scent results in muscles becoming looser and all those aches and pains becoming less pronounced. As the tension leaves your body, you'll feel a lot more chilled out and comfortable.

Once your body starts to relax, your mind does too. This is why a good soak with our Citrus and Lavender Bath Foam can leave you feeling like all your troubles have melted away.

Not only does this aid in the relief of stress and anxiety, it can also help to promote a good night's sleep, which is vital for physical and mental health. This means that if you've been struggling to sleep, you could find a lavender bath or a spritz of Room Mist a good idea before bed.  

Balancing your skin

In terms of skincare, lavender has a number of benefits; the first of which is its ability to balance out the production of natural oils within your skin.

When it comes to skin types, the way your skin feels is all down to how much oil - or sebum - it is producing. Oily skin tends to produce too much oil while dry skin doesn't produce enough. Combination skin has patches that produce too little or not enough.

It can be hard to balance the skin out, remove excess oil or add the right kinds of oil to deal with these problems. However, lavender can make it a lot easier.

Lavender has a lot of benefits that make it one of the most powerful products in the beauty world

This is because it effectively tells the skin whether it is producing the right amount of oil or not, which means your skin can start to balance itself out. This can result in dry skin feeling more moisturised and oily skin creating less sebum.

Products like our Lavender Traditional Soap Bar are ideal for balancing your skin as the soap can be used on your hands, body and face. It is also gentle enough to suit those with sensitive skin.

Soothes skin

If your skin feels sore, burnt, itchy or generally just a bit worse for wear, it can be incredibly irritating. It can also result in you feeling slightly self-conscious, especially if you are left with red patches of skin.

Whether the skin irritation is due to an existing condition - such as eczema - sunburn or an insect bite, the key is to deal with it as quickly as possible to stop it from getting worse or driving you mad. This is where lavender can help.

Products that contain lavender essential oils - such as our traditional soaps - work as an anti-inflammatory, which means they can help to reduce any swelling, stop itching and help calm redness. This in turn soothes the skin and can make any irritation a lot less uncomfortable.

This is why it is a good idea to take lavender products with you on holiday, as they can help your skin heal should you become sunburned or if you end up with mosquito bites. 

Our Citrus and Lavender Body Lotion therefore, serves a dual purpose as the lavender can be soothing, while the lotion is also incredibly moisturising and will replace lost moisture, helping it to heal even more.   

Suitable for sensitive skin

Sometimes it can be difficult to find beauty products that are suitable for sensitive skin, especially if you want to use something that isn't just unfragranced.

Luckily, because lavender is so gentle and healing, it is the ideal choice if you have sensitive skin. This means you get all the benefits of this beautiful little flower without it upsetting your skin.

The added benefit of Heyland and Whittle products is that we use as many natural ingredients as we can alongside lavender essential oil or extract, which results in products with minimal chemicals. 

This reduces the chances of your sensitive skin having a negative reaction to our products and means that you have plenty of choice when it comes to your beauty regime.