Why you need to layer your scents

Why you need to layer your scents

When you find beauty products in a lovely scent, you want that fragrance to stay on your skin for the entire day. Sadly, just using one product that features the scent won't always do the trick and you'll soon find the fragrance has faded.

However, there is a way to make your fragrance last longer so you get to enjoy it all day long. Layering up products that feature the same scent will help it stay on your skin for longer without having to reapply anything throughout the day.

While you can layer several scented products together to create a totally signature fragrance, this isn't as easy as it may sound. Doing this means you need to ensure that all your fragrances work together, otherwise it can leave you smelling anything but sweet.

It is an easier option to simply wear products that all feature the same fragrance, which will make the scent stronger, allow it to sink into your skin and keep it fresh for longer. This means you can make the most of a smell you love and are able to enjoy it for hours.

You want that fragrance to stay on your skin for the entire day

To layer up a single scent, you need different products that feature it. This can simply mean using a body wash and the corresponding body lotion - although you'll want to ensure your skin is totally dry before applying the lotion to let it sink in fully. 

If you enjoy a good bath, you can make the scent stay on your skin for even longer by soaking in water that contains fragranced products. This can be foam bath, bath oil or bath melts, depending on your preference and the amount of moisture your skin needs. 

This will allow the fragrance to penetrate your skin deeper, which means then using body wash and lotion will leave you smelling like roses - or whatever fragrance you want. 

You can even go all out and make sure your hand wash and hand lotion feature the same fragrance too!

All in all, layering your scent is the best way to really savour fragrances you love and ensure you get to enjoy all of our beautiful products throughout the day.

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