Winter skiing holiday skincare essentials

Winter skiing holiday skincare essentials

Are you getting ready to jet off on a skiing holiday this winter? Whether you're heading to the France, Switzerland, Italy or the US, the climate of ski resorts isn't the kindest to the skin, wherever you are in the world.

Zipping up and down the cold slopes all day can leave skin feeling dry, chapped and sore and in need of some serious TLC.

Space in your suitcase is likely to be limited though - especially if you're going to be away over Christmas and have gifts to take with you. But there should still be room for a few choice skincare essentials that will leave your skin feeling moisturised, smooth and youthful while you're exploring the slopes and the apres-ski scene.

To start with, pack one of our Queen of the Nile Soap Bars in your case. This handmade soap bar is packed with naturally nourishing goat's milk and super-moisturising cocoa butter to keep your skin feeling healthy, preventing the harsh cold from inflicting any damage upon it.

It's flavoured with sweet orange scent, as well as patchouli, vetivert and ylang ylang, which gives it a gorgeous floral yet zesty fragrance that will follow you around all day long.

Next, you need to pack a body scrub, which will soothe your skin if it starts to become chapped and flaky. Massaging a scrub into your hands will get rid of any dead skin, leaving them feeling lovely and smooth afterwards.

The climate of ski resorts isn't the kindest to the skin

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Made from salt granules and bamboo, our Body Scrubs don't contain any synthetic beads, so you won't be causing any harm to the environment when using them. Our Greentea & Grapefruit Body Scrub with its zingy, refreshing tang would be particularly good to wake you up ready for a day on the slopes after a few wines in your log cabin the night before.

You also need to pack a product that will help to lock in all of that moisture to your skin to keep it feeling as beautifully smooth as possible. One of our mini Hand Creams will fit easily into your suitcase without taking up too much space and help to keep your hands feeling even more nourished.

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Apply these products before putting your gloves on for the day, then when you remove them at the end of your day, your hands will be looking gorgeous ready for a night in the resort, providing you with a quick-win confidence boost.

We have lots of body lotions, hand creams and lotions to keep all of that moisture locked in to your skin - discover the full collection here