3 reasons you should use candles in summer

3 reasons you should use candles in summer

The summer months bring longer days and lighter evenings, which you may think mean you don't need candles in your home. After all, why would you need something that can add light to a room when the sun stays out for longer?

However, not lighting candles during the summer can mean you miss out on their benefits. No one said you shouldn't use candles in the summer, so why only make the most of them in autumn and winter?

Here are three reasons you should light your candles this season:

Scenting your home

One of the biggest things you'll miss out on if you don't light your candles this summer is their beautiful fragrance. While you can use our reed diffusers and room mists to add scent to your home, there's something special about the warm fragrance released by candles.

You can also change which scent you want to enjoy on different evenings, allowing your candles to match your mood. Whether you want something floral, sweet or sensual, we have the right candle for you.

Relaxing atmosphere

Not lighting candles during the summer can mean you miss out on their benefits

As the evenings get darker later on, you can really make the most of the soft lighting created by candles. When it's too dark, lighting a few candles doesn't really cut it, but the summer evenings allow you to enjoy the soft light.

Flickering candlelight creates a really relaxing atmosphere that can help you to unwind, promoting better sleep.

No more creepy crawlies

You can also use candles outside as well as in, especially if you want to relax in the garden. Not only do our Outdoor Citronella Candles offer a great fragrance and lovely atmosphere, they also keep bugs at bay so you can sit back without having to swat pesky insects or pick them out of your drink.

If these aren't reason enough to use candles this summer, we don't know what is!

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