3 ways to make Mother’s Day special for your mum

3 ways to make Mother's Day special for your mum

Every year we each think of ways that we can make Mother's Day (March 26th) special for our mums. This often results in a bunch of flowers, a card and a nice meal somewhere, which we're sure your mum appreciates. 

However, these soon become the safe options, which can take a bit of the specialness away from the day. 

Rather than sticking to your usual routine when it comes to Mothering Sunday, why not change things up a bit? Thinking of ways that you can make the day really special and totally spoil your mum will ensure that this year gets remembered for the best reasons.

Make it completely about your mum

The chances are your mum tells you not to bother with Mother's Day or not to go overboard - even though she secretly loves it when you do - so asking her what she wants to wants to do on Mother's Day isn't always as easy as you might think.

Instead of asking your mum point blank, ask family and friends if there's anything she's mentioned that she really wants to do or somewhere she has always wanted to go. While you're not going to be able to hop on a plane to New Zealand if this is on her bucket list, there are probably going to be a few options you might not have thought of.

Change things up a bit this Mother's Day

This will ensure that your mum gets exactly what she wants but would never ask for and that the day is totally about her.

Get all the family together

It can be hard to get all your family in one place on the same day when everyone has jobs or lives in different areas of the country - if not further afield. So this year, why don't you make a real effort to arrange for every member of your family to meet up?

Make it a total surprise for your mum and arrange a meal or mini party where everyone shows to see her. Considering most mums say they just want to spend the day with family or get a phone call, this could be the ultimate gift.

If someone really can't make it, be sure to video call them so they can at least sort of be there for a while. 

Do something she'll really appreciate

While a bunch of flowers and box of chocolate are always nice little presents, Mother's Day is the perfect opportunity to do something a little bit more. As well as a gift so your mum has something to open - such as those in our new Mother's Day range - do something for her that she's wanted for ages.

This could be redecorating a room in her house, sorting out her garden, clearing the attack or even taking her shopping for things she's had on her list for ages. Whether you do it as a surprise or just let her know that it's happening at a later date - she may not want you to remove all the furniture from the lounge to paint the walls just yet - this is sure to be really appreciated. 

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