4 gorgeous uses for clementines

Image credit: loooby via iStock Deliciously sweet and wonderfully fragrant despite their petite size, clementines are a beautiful citrus fruit. Many associate them with the festive season, when their distinctive smell can often be found permeating family kitchens thanks to its rind being included in delicious bakes like mince pies and traditional Christmas cakes. But clementines shouldn't just be confined to the latter part of the year. They're available to buy all year round in the UK, and their zingy juicy taste and refreshing scent means they have a plethora of uses. Here are just a few:

1. A smooth and healthy start to the day

Beginning the day with a glass of bright orange goodness means you're getting your daily dose of vitamin C, and at least one of your all-important five a day. Nothing beats freshly squeezed orange (or clementine) juice first thing in the morning, except perhaps a smoothie incorporating this lovely fruit too. Image credit: KaarinaS via iStock Simply place a couple of peeled clementines into a blender along with a banana, and either natural yoghurt or your preferred type of milk for a creamy yet fruity smoothie that's bursting with colour and vital vitamins for a nutritious and healthy start to the day.

2. Get crafty

Dried pieces of clementine can be incredibly decorative, and are particularly effective when used in Christmas crafts. Slice un-peeled clementines into disc shapes, and place them in an oven that has been heated, but only after you've turned the heat off. This will encourage the fruit pieces to dry out, leaving you with crisp circles that you'll be able to use in all kinds of crafts. One simple but lovely use for these clementine discs would be to pierce a hole using a sharp skewer into the very top of each one, then thread a piece of coloured string or a thin length or ribbon through them, tying it at the top to create a hanging decoration. These would be perfect for the Christmas tree, or to hang on door handles or bedknobs; the fruit will keep some of its fragrance, so the discs will add a small burst of refreshing scent to a room.

3. Create tasty desserts

Please forgive us for so many mentions of the festive season in the middle of summer, but don't worry, we're not going to include any Christmassy recipes here. When taken away from the other dried fruits and mixed spice associated with that kind of seasonal baking, clementines can have a beautifully summery taste too. Image credit: manyakotic via iStock Use them to make fruity jelly, top a homemade vanilla or lemon cupcake with slices of fresh clementine and seasonal blueberries for a sensational burst of flavour, or bake your usual lemon drizzle cake, switching the lemons for clementines for a summertime bake with a difference.

4. Fill your home with a refreshing fragrance

As we mentioned above, clementines can be a gorgeous source of home fragrance, but this doesn't need you to get crafty, if that's not your thing. At Heyland & Whittle, we recently released our brand new Clementine & Prosecco Room Spray, which combines that wonderful clementine scent with sweet, sparkling notes of prosecco to create an amazingly aroma that's both refreshing and celebratory. Its launch follows the overwhelming popularity of our Clementine & Prosecco Reed Diffuser, which has long been a favourite choice of gift among our customers, for every occasion. Just a light spritz of the Room Spray will be enough to fill a space with this glorious fragrance, allowing you to experience the joyous scent of clementines all year round.

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