4 ways to spend a bank holiday at home

4 ways to spend a bank holiday at home

We often spend weeks looking forward to a long bank holiday weekend, only to end up spending most of it stuck in traffic, trying to get to the beach, along with everybody else from your local area, or perhaps meticulously planning a barbecue, only for it to be rained off.

Long weekends are precious in our busy lives, so don't waste the upcoming bank holidays in this way. Instead, try our recommendations for spending a fun yet relaxing and fulfilling weekend closer to home:

Spring cleaning

A long weekend is the perfect time to get stuck into a spot of spring cleaning, especially if the weather's nice, meaning you can let in some much-needed fresh air and everyone else can get out from under your feet and enjoy the outdoors while you make the house spotless.

Use the extra time to get into all of those nooks and crannies that usually get forgotten, empty out all of your cupboards and move big pieces of furniture to really deep clean your home.

Spring cleaning is certainly a much more productive way to spend a bank holiday weekend than simply being stuck in a traffic jam, and you'll be really glad you spent time on the task afterwards when your house is left sparkling.

Bring some spring blooms indoors afterwards to fill your home with the beautifully fresh scent of the season, or dot around a few luxury Reed Diffusers if your garden isn't quite ready yet. Our Fresh Linen Reed Diffuser will enhance the cleanliness of your home with its daisy-fresh fragrance, while our Sweet Pea & Rose Reed Diffuser or the Cherry Blossom Reed Diffuser will allow you to enjoy those gorgeous seasonal aromas long after the flowers have gone.

Enjoy a long dog walk

Instead of driving off to a beach that's miles away from where you live, or a stately home in the next county, use the bank holiday as an opportunity to make the most of your local area. Head to some nearby countryside or a community park for a family ramble or dog walk.

Your pet pooch will love getting to spend quality time with you as you all run around and play games together, and sinking into the sofa for a relaxing evening afterwards will be well-deserved after all of that fresh air and exercise.

Treat yourself to a proper pamper

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Remember to make sure you've got our Whiff Away Room Spray and Whiff Away Reed Diffuser on standby to get rid of that wet dog smell and replace it with our odour neutraliser and a refreshing blend of bergamot and sage instead.

Treat yourself to a relaxing bath

Three days off work in a row outside of your normal routine presents an ideal opportunity for some much-needed relaxation, so take advantage of the extra free time and indulge in a relaxing bath.

Self-care is incredibly important amid our busy lives, and it can be lovely to forget about all your stresses and simply enjoy a long soak from time to time. Treat yourself to a proper pamper, lighting a gorgeous scented Candle, exfoliating your skin with one of our beautiful-smelling Body Scrubs and cleansing it thoroughly with a fragrant natural handmade Soap Bar.

Take your book in with you, pour yourself a glass of wine and make sure there are plenty of bubbles with one of our stunning Foam Baths. Afterwards, lock in all of that nourishment that you've added to your skin with one of our moisturising Body Lotions; perfection.

Cook a slap-up meal for family and friends

A bank holiday is also an ideal time to catch up with loved ones and spend some quality time together, so invite family and friends over and treat everyone to a slap-up meal.

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Stick to your signature dish if you want to make sure you've got maximum time to spend with your guests, or have a go at a meal to impress if you've got enough time and fancy the challenge.

Some people are put off from cooking dishes like curries or fish at dinner parties due to their strong aroma, but you can serve up whatever you like if you've got one of our Chef's Friend Room Sprays handy to neutralise powerful cooking smells and mask them with the fragrance of zingy lemongrass and lime instead.

Treat yourself to some pampering goodies ahead of the bank holiday by exploring the full Heyland & Whittle collection here