5 fragrances you need for 2016

5 fragrances you need for 2016

The start of a new year brings a lot of new things and resolutions. Whether you're setting yourself goals, having a clear out or stepping out of your comfort zone, 2016 could be the perfect time to try new things.

This doesn't just mean trying new foods or heading to different countries, you can also change some of the small things in your life, such as home fragrance.

We all have our favourite scents that we tend to gravitate back to again and again, even if we've previously said that we want to try something else. So this year, why not pop a new product or fragrance in your basket instead? 

We've got a stunning range of scents available, but there are a few we think you definitely need to try this year. Here are our top five scents for 2016:

Clementine and Prosecco

If you read our blog regularly and keep an eye on our Facebook page, you've probably seen a lot about our Clementine and Prosecco fragrance. This is our newest addition to our Home range and has fast become our best selling scent.

We think this fragrance has something for everyone and it definitely works no matter the season. Its fresh, fruity aroma combines sweet notes of clementine, apple and pear with prosecco for really sparkling top notes.

While it has a sweet edge, the middle notes of peach, apricot and plum help to highlight the sharp notes to stop it from becoming sickly. The elegance balance is ideal no matter what your taste and you can enjoy the fragrance in candles, reed diffusers and even soap, making it an ideal choice. 

Earl Grey

Some fragrances are timeless and yet are often never tried, which is such a shame. One scent that many people are familiar with but may never have tried in their homes is Earl Grey.

Our Home range features a beautifully sophisticated Earl Grey fragrance that we think is the ideal choice for 2016. Rather than being overpowering, the scent is lovely and delicate, balancing notes of Earl Grey tea with citrus.

This creates a fresh fragrance that is reminiscent of a mug of tea with a slice of lemon, making it ideal for tea time or any other hour of the day. You can also enjoy the scent in our new Organic Soap Bar, as well as in candles and diffusers.

Jasmine and Lilac

Some fragrance types never go out of style, with floral scents always being a great choice in our book. If you love filling your home with the scent of spring flowers, there's more to choose from than rose and lavender.

This year, why not pop a new product or fragrance in your basket instead?

For a fragrance that incorporates sweet and sharp notes of citrus fruits and summer berries to create a stunning layered effect, our Jasmine and Lilac range is perfect. This range includes notes of jasmine, lilac and lavender to create a smell that will transport you to the summer months - even if it is pouring with rain outside!

It works perfectly as a background fragrance, filling your home with freshness when used within a reed diffuser. However, it is also lovely if you want a scent boost, as you can enjoy it in a candle - in a tin, glass or three-wick variety - as well as in a room mist. All of these products complement each other and will leave your home smelling gorgeous. 

We've also released Jasmine and Lilac in one of our wonderfully soft traditional soap bars. Made with goat's milk and cocoa butter, as well as essential oils, the soap is creamy and luxurious and is ideal for dry skin types.

Sandalwood and Oud

Of course, we don't just provide light and fresh fragrances. If you're looking for something deeper and more atmospheric, this year should definitely be about Sandalwood and Oud.

Released last spring, this fragrance is absolutely stunning and will conjure up the spirit of the orient with just one sniff. The exotic combination of warm sandalwood and woody oud is highlighted by a subtle hint of rose that adds to the complex scent.

It is the perfect choice for evenings in and for helping you to relax and unwind, making it the ideal for candles and diffusers. You'll find that the scent will fill a room quickly but won't become overpowering, meaning it is the ideal choice if you want something heavy that won't become too over the top.


If you're dreaming of a holiday by the seaside this year, why not bring a touch of the Cornish coast into your home? Our collaboration with fashion and homeware brand Seasalt Cornwall has resulted in three stunning fragrances that evoke images of the beautiful county.

Each fragrance has something different to offer, ensuring that you'll find one to suit your tastes. Whether it is the complex sea breeze notes of Sennen you're drawn to, the fresh and fruity wild verbena or Lamorna or stunning floral rose notes of Roseland, you'll be happy you tried something new.

All of the fragrances are available in candles, reed diffusers and beautifully soft soap bars. They also feature in gift sets, with a selection of soaps and bath melts available for you to enjoy.

You can learn about each of the scents here to help you find the perfect one.  

To make it even easier to try something new, we're giving you 30% off and free P&P on orders over £40 until the end of January with the code JAN16. This means you can enjoy one of or more of these beautiful fragrances for 2016 - BUY NOW!