5 things to do with the kids this summer

5 things to do with the kids this summer

The kids have finished school and by now you may be pulling your hair out trying to think of ways to keep them entertained. No one wants their little ones to be stuck indoors when the weather outside is sunny and hot, but thinking of new ways to keep them busy can be difficult.

Luckily, you don't need to break the bank when it comes to entertaining children during the summer months. Here are some great low-cost options that your little ones are sure to love:

Pavement art

If you have a patio, it can provide the perfect canvas for your children. Rather than drawing on paper at the table, provide your little ones with some chalk and let them decorate your house and garden.

They can create works of art that you can photograph to keep a record of, while also brightening up your garden. This is a brilliant way to get them outside and using their imaginations.

The best part of this activity? You can simply wash the chalk away with your hosepipe when your kids go to bed to create a fresh canvas for them the next day.

This can also be a great way to introduce your children to classic games like hopscotch or to create life-size board games like snakes and ladders.

Flower pressing

Flower pressing is a bit of a classic activity and isn't really done a lot nowadays, however, it's a great way to get your little ones exploring outside. To start with, you need to find the flowers you're going to press, which is the perfect excuse to go for a family walk.  

Once you have a nice selection of different flowers, you can either use a proper flower press, or simply line pages of heavy books with tissue paper and pop the flowers in between the pages. Stack them on top of each other and then you can check the progress of the flowers every week.

No one wants their little ones to be stuck indoors when the weather outside is sunny

When the blooms are suitably pressed, you can get your little ones to make cards or postcards with them.

Build a den

Most of us probably built a den at some point in our youth, so why not give your children the same experience? You can do this in your garden with sheets and towels to create a tent-like structure. Alternatively, if you know your local park or forest already has a natural space that can be used as a den, you can head off there.

Either way, your little ones are likely to have a lot of fun creating stories and setting up their new "house". You can even pack up a picnic to really make the most of the space and ensure the whole day can be spent having fun.

Sandcastle competition

If you live by the beach or create a sandbox in your garden, getting your children to be creative with a sandcastle competition is a great way to keep them entertained. You can either have them build sandcastles with the a bucket and spade or allow them to be more creative by creating different sand sculptures.

Parents can get involved too, especially if you're heading to the beach so have more sand to play with. Why not build your kids a boat or other vehicle out of the sand? This is sure to be a lot of fun and could help them play games for the rest of the day.

Exploring day

There's nothing better than going for a good explore, even if you go to an area you visit you a lot. If you tell your little ones you're going exploring, they'll find it exciting no matter where you visit.

To make an exploring day even more fun, you can take a camera with you to take photos of interesting things you find, a bag to collect up fun things that the kids want to take home and paper and pencils to let them draw or get impressions of things they discover.

This will also give you plenty of activities to do when you get home as you can create photo collages of your day, get artistic or have your little ones tell stories based on where you went. All of this will entertain them and get them using their imaginations.

One thing is for certain, no matter what you do with your children this summer, you'll probably need some time to relax afterwards, so why not run yourself a nice bath and enjoy a good soak?

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