5 ways to get into the festive spirit

5 ways to get into the festive spirit

Now that December has started, you can officially start getting excited about Christmas. With towns and cities starting to turn on their lights and the usual festive songs beginning to play on the radio, many people are already feeling pretty festive.

However, if you have a lot to do over the next few weeks to get ready for Christmas or have plenty of other things to worry about, you may not end up with that festive feeling. Luckily, there are a few ways that you can help get yourself in the mood for December 25th and start to enjoy the run-up to Christmas Day.

Start decorating

While you may not want to deck the halls completely this early in the month, starting to introduce the odd Christmas decoration here and there can start to make you feel merry and bright.

Adding a beautiful red poinsettia to your coffee table or placing a mini fir tree in the window can introduce Christmas to your home without going over the top. They'll introduce traditional festive colours into a room in a natural way that will instantly brighten up the space.

You may even want to alter your lighting a little bit in the evening. Rather than hanging fairy lights around your room, try putting a battery-powered set in a glass vase or empty bottle. This will create a stylish lamp that isn't overtly Christmassy.

Festive fragrances

Scent memory can be an important part of helping you embrace the Christmas spirit, as certain smells conjure up images of previous years. Sweet and spicy scents tend to be the top choices for December, so introducing these to your home could help clear out the bah humbugs.

Our Orange Spice range is the perfect choice if you're after a festive fragrance. The warm scent features top notes of zesty orange, which are followed by cinnamon, clove and nutmeg, creating the perfect blend for this time of year.

You can enjoy the fragrance at all times with our reed diffuser or add to your mood lighting by opting for a candle or two. We're sure that the minute you smell this scent, you'll be looking forward to the festivities.     

Tasty tipples and treats

Now that December has started, you can officially start getting excited about Christmas

This time of year brings with it some great food and drink, which could help you feel merrier and ready for Christmas. Things like mulled wine are easy to make yourself - you just need wine and the right spices - and smell amazing, so could be the perfect option in the evenings.

Certain foods also seem to remind people of Christmas, so it could be a good idea to think about what food represents the season for you. This could be something small like chocolate coins or large like glazed ham.

Then, of course, you've got staples like mince pies and biscuit selections, which never fail to get people in the mood for December 25th.  

Wrap some presents

As Christmas is the season of giving, wrapping presents for friends and family could help you get excited for December 25th. Even if you aren't very good at wrapping - remember, it's the thought that counts - the chances are the act of getting a gift ready to give to someone will help you feel more festive.

Most people get excited about giving the presents they've carefully picked out to people, so make the most of that feeling and take time to wrap everything up before the big day. Not only does this mean you have one less thing to do during the run-up to the day, it also ensures you aren't having to do the stressful Christmas Eve wrapping session, which can take all the enjoyment out of it.

Christmas films

Everyone has at least one Christmas film that they know and love, which means popping your favourite festive movie on one afternoon could be just the thing to help you look forward to the season.

Whether it's a well-loved classic like It's a Wonderful Life, a childhood favourite, such as Home Alone or a real feel-good film like Miracle on 34th Street, a good Christmas movie is guaranteed to help you unwind.

You could even combine several things and watch a film while enjoying a mince pie and a glass of mulled wine with a festive candle burning as you wrap some presents. What better way to get in the mood for Christmas?